Amperex tubes questions

I am about upgrading my SFL-2 tubes and got an offer of Amperex :
1. 6DJ8, orange labeled, made in holland, PQ, A-getter, non-gold pin.
2. 7308, white labeled, made in USA, no "PQ" marking (no shield mark too), gold pin.

Does anyone knows differnces between those tubes, sonically, lower noise, etc? Thru my search on the internet, I rarely found the information regarding the white labeled but no PQ mark amperex.
Thanks so much
call Jim Sautter at Absolute Tubes 563-381-2189
Hello. Are you sure that the 6DJ8 orange label is an "A" getter and not an "A" frame?

What else does the 7308 read on the tube? A 7308 labeled "USN-CEP" (military labeling) is the same as a 7308 labeled "PQ"

I believe that the 6DJ8 has a slightly higher voltage gain but both types can be used. I once had a SFL-2 and used 4 stock Sovtek 6922 and 4 vintage premium 6922 for the critical inputs (line stage). I preferred some Siemens 6922 and to my ears and setup, it bested the Amperex 6922 PQ's.

For lotsa tube info visit "Joes's Tube Lore" on There are detailed descriptions and comparisons for many 6DJ8 types.
PQ stands for Premium Qaulity
The 7308s are the low noise version of 6DJ8.
Sonically, they're quite different.
To my ears, the Amperex 7308s are more flat sounding to 6DJ8s. I use the 7308s strickly for phono stage.
You can find lots of information from audioasylum website.
both are great. i think the pq's are better for my purposes. try 'em both!
Joe's (6922-type) Tube Lore:
I have a pair of Amperex 7308 USN-CEP's that I sometimes use in my Audioprism Mantissa preamp...very nice from top to bottom!

The 7308's are for someone not wanting to much of a good thing IMO...if your looking for lots of color, it's not there.

Thanks so much for the help.

PS. To Dogpile, actually I am not sure whether it's A "frame" or "getter". I just use the word "getter" as that word was used to describe some of the amperex tube by some sellers.
The labeled on the 7308 is mostly unreadable. So I could not confirm whether it has "USN-CEP" label.

Once again, thanks so much