Amperex 6SN7GTB

I have 2 of these USA made Amperex tubes, one with a top getter and one with a side getter…does this indicate different manufacturing eras? 
The only Amperex 6SN7GTBs that I’ve seen, had bottom getters(on one side/from Europe). Apparently, there are other iterations out there though, per these pics. No info though(sorry):
I have a pair that came with a Dennis Had "Inspire Fire Bottle" amp that have a side getter, and then I bought a back-up NOS tube with top getter and clearly a different design, although both tubes seem to work similarly and but clearly from some vintage I can't recognize (and why would I?)…no big deal, just curious. Both tubes are Amperex "Globe" versions with one having the Amperex printing and logo on the glass, the other (side getter from Had) on the base. Both also have the tube number and "made in USA" on the glass. Thanks!
Try emailing Tubemonger and/or Brent Jesse with pics.  They might have some insight.

does this indicate different manufacturing eras?
Yes. To change the tooling usually was a pretty big deal. So its not like one tube could have been made a few days from the other one. It would have taken some time to change the tooling (which is not cheap) on the line.