Amperex 6DJ8 Tube Questions

I see many Amperex 6DJ8 tubes for sale. Bugle Boys, World Logo, A Frame, Orange Label, Orange World Logo, Orange Globe A Frames, etc. I read Joe's Tube Lore on AA and he was recommending the orange globe logo tubes as very good sweet tubes over the Bugle Boys. So what is the difference between the orange globes and the (1) orange globe A frames, (2) orange label, (3) orange world logo tubes?

I've used all of the above (except green label) in my Music Reference RM5III preamp and found that, in my system, they break into two groups tonally. Of the O-getters, I love the Orange Globes the most. I agree with Tubelore Joe's evaluation. Very well balanced, great bass, airy, extended treble without etch or harshness. The A-frames all sound harsh by comparison to me, tonal balance tilted to much towards the highs. Of, course if that's to your tastes, ymmv.
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I’m aware the previous posts are from 2004.

I’ve also tried quite a few of the Amperex/Philips 6DJ8, 6922 and 7308 tubes. Says photon46 above, "The A-frames all sound harsh by comparison to me, tonal balance tilted to much towards the highs. Of, course if that’s to your tastes, ymmv. "

In my experience, orange (NOT orange globe) Amperex 6DJ8 A-frames with dimpled solid disc getters in my CJ Classic 60 amp exhibit no harshness. There is a full, very nicely balanced, musical sound. I won’t bother to go into details about what else is in my system.

I’ve also read Joe’s Tubelore descriptions, often getting very different impressions from the same designated tubes in my system compared with what he experienced while listening to his own system(s).

Per what has been said countless times before, to find out what suits your enjoyment, listen to all the tubes you’re willing and able to in your own system.

One seemingly consistent difference I find between U.S. and Dutch (Philips) Amperexes is the American made 6922 and 7308 are not as rich sounding as the Heerlen, Holland versions. On the other hand, the sound from the U.S. manufactured variety leans a bit more toward the transparent. In my system, I personally prefer the Holland made tubes for the fuller, more organic tone they impart to instruments.