Amperex 6922 white labels with counterpoint SA 3

I am considering two Amperex white label6922 tubes for the phono (Matched) and one green label for the Line stage. Has anyone tried these on Counterpoint SA3 gear and was there a problem with noise on these tubes. Mike Elliot mentioned that this may be noisy. Right now I have Electro-Harmonic tubes which came with the unit and the bass and midrange is rather thin unless I boost the bass on my B&K PT3 Mk 2 pre. I am running my CD and phono through the Counterpoint which is hooked through my B&k to boost the bass. Believe it or not this combo sounds very good,. It has given new life to my vinyl collection. I now have the detail and air that the B&K lacks and the soundstage is twice as big. Other gear B&K Ref 4420 Adcom 600 CD Thorens TT with Goldring cartridge and Linn basic plus arm....

Tried them on he SA-5000 in the preamp line stage section over the Amperex Bugle Boys and Orange Globes. The 6922s were more open sounding, not as warm and lush sounding, more dynamic and better balanced. Don't have a phono to test what you are asking.

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As with ALL tubes to be used in a phono stage, they need to be screened for noise and microphonics. There is no gaurantee that such and such brand will be low noise. There is going to be some variation in every batch of tubes produced. Some manufacturers put out better product than others; still you need to screen all tubes first, more so for a phono stage. I have purchased a VTV ( Triode Tester that makes quick work of this. One can check gain of each triode, check triode balance and listen to each section of the tube being tested. Another option is to use your phono stage to screen them. If purchasing by mail I would get assurance in advance that the tubes could be returned for a refund if they prove to be noisey or microphonic.
Hi - I just bought a pair of NOS/NIB 6922 Amperex for my Metronome CDP replacinf the stock russian 6922 tubes. Differences in sound were not subtle, but neither in a win/loss perspective, each has its own strenghts I´m afraid.

The Amperex are more full-bodied, tonally correct and a tad more dynamic than the russian ones, the later had a little more soundstaging and roundness. Me?, I kept the Amperex in the CDP and enjoying music.

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PS: Just for the record, I paid 110 bucks for the pair here at Audiogon, great service.
Its because your tubes are not for signal amplification. Difference are very big if they are for pre-amp.