Amp Zin/Preamp Zout ratio with an xover in the mix


We all know that we generally like to see a Zout/Zin ration of 10:1 or better (so they say) to avoid rolloff, maintain dynamics, etc.

How does having a digital crossover, such as the ubiquitous (and dirt-cheap) Behringer unit, alter the equation?

In this instance, the pre is 'driving' the xover, and the xover is driving the amp, so does the amp/pre ratio matter at all?

More specifically, can a pre with a Zout of 5000 ohms successfully 'drive' the Behringer 2496? That unit is in turn driving a power amp with a Zin of 100K ohms.

Thank you.
All you care about is the Zin/Zout ratios at the input and output of the Behringer. They are probably accommodating.

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