Amp without phono stage=better amp.?

At the SAME price for int. amp.(e.g. MFA3), the one with phonostage is inferior than the other without it in term of sound quality (Since phono do involve cost in building the amp.) Do you agree.

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James: In a single manufacturers line adding a phono stage is an upcharge (you are paying for it). To compare one manufacturer to another is like comparing apples to oranges (for example an $800.00 integrated amp (let's say -w- phono) may be considered by many to be superior to a seperate amp/preamp combo (but of course -w- phono stage) that retails for $1600.00 from another manufacturer. If you are attempting to find the "sonic best" in your price range, then you will need to evaluate each piece of equipment seperatly on its own sonic merits. I agree with Cornfed, maybe - I think, I'm not sure..