Amp with Revel Ultima Studio or Salon

I've bought a pair of REVEL Studio - I ve just a Proceed 125w per chanel for the moment.
I'm looking for a solid amp.

Do you know those amp with Studio or salon ?
- Cello DUET 350 (it looks good !!!)
- Tact 2150
- Mark Levinson 20.5 - 27 - 23.5 - 20.6 - 27.5
- Bryston 7 B SST - 14 BST

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I use Bryston 7B-SST with Salons. I auditioned the ML 436 with the Salons but liked the Bryston better. I like to listen to music loud and for extended listen sessions. I found the Bryston not only provided me with an extremely high quality sound reproduction but also fatigue free listening.

The ML 436 was also an amazing sounding amp with the Salons but it made my head hurt after 3 straight hours of loud listening. This is not a general statement but only one experience when I auditioned the Salons on an high-end all ML system that retailed for over $US 80K.

My ears are not that good enough to tell the differences in sonic attributes between the Bryston 7B-SST and the ML 436.

The Salons make good use of any extra power that your amps can provide. I imagine the Studios are similar in their power needs. I listend to the Salons with the Bryton 4B-ST and really hated it. It sounded underpowered.

There are 2 reviews in Stereophile with the Bryston 14B-SST and the 7B-SST powering the Salons. The 7B-SST review is actually quite negative, but I bought them because Bryton representatives told me that they should sound exactly like the 14-SST.

The SST line (vs ST line) is a really enjoyable evolution of the Bryston amps. I haven't had any desire to change these amps since the day I got them almost 2 years ago.