Amp with RCA inputs CLOSE together.

I need a good SS amp in 125w range with RCS inputs close together, as I'm using MIT cables with short 4-5" pigtails . I know Odyssey has them, but looking for some thing with more of a Belles 150 Ref type sound. No more than 3K new or used.
You'd need to confirm it before you buy, but the Musical Fidelity A3 CR and A3.2 CR are both well liked power amps in that power range and I *THINK* (if I recall right) that the RCA's on both amps are close enough together for you (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). It's just that I can't find any photo's of the rear panels anymore, but they do come up on the used market from time to time. In fact they are unbelievably cheap, but don't let the $1000-or-less price range necessarily fool you, they're pretty good. The 3.2 has 2 sets of speaker posts, if you need them.
If you could find a used Cary 200.2, they have the rca inputs close together.
Thanks fellas, good info.