Amp with best bass control

Which solid state amp(s) have you heard demonstrate the best bass control? I'm not talking "go the lowest", I'm talking "tight tight - super tight grip on the bass". I'm talking "fast" as well. The proverbial Kung-Fu Grip!

Thanks all!

There is of course no best so it is better to ask which amp do you favor for their "Kung Fu" grip etc. Or simply which amp is your favorite bass amps. I really don't know that has not been a real priority of mine. I am told however that the early Krells were hard to beat in terms of bass. I like bass but focus on other aspects of the sound.
Peter, those PNB amps look other-worldly!

In my own experience, to date, the Rogue Audio Medusa amp has amazingly good bass control, articulation, and tonality.
Krell 400cx makes my Thiel CS6s do as they are commanded. Absolutely no need for any subwoofer.
Another vote for Krell. Like Stevecham, I've used Krell with Thiel CS6's tough load, right amp! If you are look'n for deep, powerful bass Krell may be the ticket.
What speakers are we talking about here? There is such thing as overdamped bass with some speakers. In my experience this can be the case for high efficiency speakers, or speakers designed with low damping factor tube amplification in mind.
Tube Research Labs Samson (they are solid state). Your ears wont bleed from the steely highs you get from the "K" brand.

the best way to determine, is to go out and visit dealers/retailers offerings. There are some great suggestions as above. Happy Listening!
Electron Kinetics Eagle 2, 4, etc. Also Bedini amps - at least the Bedini 100/100.
My K brand has the most wonderful highs you could ever imagine!, likly, not brittle as your amp makes the highs, I have the legendary Krell 700cx!
NL series of Edge amps...

Tight,fast and dynamic,with fineese, ie; Refinement,delicacy of performance, execution, and artisanship.
When I bought my Krell 300cx I had auditioned the Sim amp as well. There are 2 reasons I went with the Krell. The speaker terminals are way too close for my liking. If you put a set of spades on them the sides would be very close to touching & it frightened me. We are talking close. 2nd reason is I believe it is on all the time. I dont mind stand-by, but on, I didn't like. No switch on the front.
The Simaudio W5 amp had great bass and sound quality when I auditioned it. It is a very good product.
Everything you mentioned including 'lowest' can be attributed to the Acoustat TNT200. Especially in mono. Every time I think I'm experiencing the limitations of these amps, they surprise the hell out of me. They are brutally honest from the bottom, up. Mind you, mine are rebuilt/upgraded by Roy Esposito in Florida.
Best control per dollar? While I'm reluctant to suggest any "best" in audio (too many variables), for their current used prices I agree with Bdgregory, any of the Electron Kinetics amps - 2, 4, 7, 400 - are still hard to beat. Iverson knew what control meant.
Isn't Class A supposed to be superior for bass control? Wyred 4 Sound is one example.
Thanks all! Speakers will likely be Raidho D3's.

Krell was my first reaction, especially the evo series, but I want to hear them along with Constellation, Vitus, Jeff Rowland and a few others. I've heard (and loved Soulution), but fear the 500 monos might not have the power I need. The 700 series is out of the question, maybe the 711 stereo which is coming. But I have a thing for monos!

Thanks again!
Well I would calmly vote for the Boulder 1060 as I know it well. This amp has enormous power reserves and delivers 600 watts @4ohms and has a damping factor of around 4000! The 1060 is also fast thanks to it's vast array of output transistors and distributed power supply. Damping factor is really the more relevent indicator of an amp's ability to control a speaker. It is also extremely well engineered and reliable. Depending on your budget, you can step up to the 2100 or even 3000 series. As you move up the Boulder line, you just get more of everything. Don't believe earlier hysterical comments about Krell. Boulder ran an a-b comparison at a Dealership in which a 1060 was thrown up against Krell Evolution 900 mono blocks and was much more dynamic and powerful sounding (especially in low bass). Paper specs are bs, and frankly Krell trade off their reputation. Boulder are the real deal. No other manufacturer has that level of engineering capacity or in-house content.
I would say check the latest reviews, Boulder amps have to many parts the signal goes thru, we all know that when that happens, you have a supar sound, the krells have been hailed world renowned as the best solid state for the price points it sales at, there are many amps better than boulder amps, Krell has a few models that are better!,Boulder is a good amp, defiantly not the last word in solid state!,, all this does depend on the flavor of sound one likes, and system synergy!I also will add, todays reviews mean nothing but a interest for an audition, these reviewers are payed good money to say what ever is good for the company!, likly, checking user reviews is the way to go, awards and pro reviews are nice for a product, however, let your ears be the judge!
I've heard a lot about the EAD powermaster 2000 been an exceptional amp for home theatre and music. Excellent in the bass department.
Ardent competitive fanboy postings notwithstanding, with the Raidho D-3's impedance rating at 4 ohms I'd be looking for enough current to weld automobile frames. Or at least something like 100 amps peak current.

08-16-13: Audiolabyrinth
I would say check the latest reviews...
I also will add, todays reviews mean nothing but a interest for an audition, these reviewers are payed good money to say what ever is good for the company!
Firstly, don't comment on Boulder's circuit design when you haven't even bothered to read any of their technical white papers (I have). Secondly, your above statements go to the heart of your lack of credibility. You're clearly speaking out of your rear end and it shows. Could Krell have built the Boulder 3060? They couldn't even contemplate an amplifier at that level, but that's what Boulder do every day. Secondly, if your beloved Krell amp is so good...why aren't they building them today? Thirdly you need to learn to spell before lecturing Boulder about how to design a power amplifier!
"My K brand has the most wonderful highs you could ever imagine!"

Are you sure about that? I can imagine some pretty exceptional highs.
Actually my Berning ZH 270 has the best bass of any amp I have ever heard ss or tube. I do not even need my sub with my Maggie 3.6's with this amp Deep, fast and just real sounding.
@ Zd542, Hi, Yes I am sure!, whats important, its to my liking, I am the one who lives with it, doesnt matter what anybody else may say, LOL, they have never listened to my rig!, the amp is only part of the sound, the whole of the system is what I hear!, eany way, I will rephrase the statement,, My K brand has the most wonderful highs to me!, thats the way I should have said that, sorry Zd542,, cheers.
@ p59teitel,,competitive fanboy postings notwithstanding!, you hit the nail on the nailhead!, lol!, Ha, ha, Ha!
08-16-13: Audiolabyrinth
@ p59teitel,,competitive fanboy postings notwithstanding!, you hit the nail on the nailhead!, lol!, Ha, ha, Ha!
Well that just goes to show...small things amuse small minds.
08-17-13: Mbovaird
Thanks everyone!

I'm leaning toward the Soulution 501 monos. Thoughts?
If you're considering mono blocks, you should also look at the similarly priced D'Agostino Momentum mono's. I'm perfectly happy with my Boulder 1060 at half their price, but if I wanted to spend that kind of money on an amp (and had the room), I would personally wait for the new Boulder 2160 class a stereo amp due out in September. Here is a link to a blog spot -
Anyone thought about the new offerings from Indy Audio Labs? The new Aragon 8008 and Iridium monoblocks look very promising. I don't know how they stack up against some of the amps mentioned but if they are anything like the Mondial design Aragons, they should provide a ton of performance including bass drive for the $$$ spent.

@ Mbovaird, have you listened to the soulution501 monos?, what is your impressions if you have?
Yes and the 710 stereo. I compared them head to head with ML53's, Accuphase, EAR and whatever else my dealer had. It wasn't even close. The speakers were Amati Futura's. The source was an EAR CD player which was phenomenal for the money (a little cheapie looking, but the sound was excellent). Its the best CD player I've heard. It bettered the much more expensive Accuphase by a large margin. Cabling was all Tara Labs. And I preferred it slightly to the Esoteric k03.

The Soulution gear had this ability to vertically slice the music into its proper place with zero "blending" or "mushing" together of the midrange and tweeter. It was crystal clear. No mud. The tonality was also very natural and a close second to my ARC gear. Where some amps tend to "mush" the music together, the Soulution was crystal clear, with incredible spacing between the instruments and most importantly, between the frequencies. I'm not sure that makes much sense....but in summary, it was CRYSTAL clear, with terrific speed and bass grip.

Why no ARC gear for the Raidho's? I own the D1's now (actually they were just sold here yesterday). The ARC gear could not control the lightening fast diamond woofer. My Classe CAM600's do a much better job. My ARC gear sounds incredible on every speaker I've heard them on. But the Raidho's are so special and require a totally different approach IMO.

Lightening fast tweeter and woofers need electronics which can keep up. IMHO, tubes and Raidho don't mix. Except for maybe VTL. That's not a knock on the ARC gear. I love it - for almost every other speaker.

I want to hear Constellation and perhaps Jeff Rowland and D'Agostino as well. Maybe Spectral, but I am not a big fan of MIT cables. The amp on the outside is Vitus. I heard Vitus gear on Magico S5's (an absolutely amazing speaker IMO - especially for the money). It was terrific. Maybe an all Dane system is the way to go! :)

More auditioning is needed, but if I was picking today, it would be Soulution. I hope to hear Constellation, D'Agostino and others next week.

Thanks for all your suggestions. I'm making a list!

As a person who plays bass guitar, I resent all this control people seem to want to have over bass. Maybe I'm being over sensitive, but I think I have the right to be utterly out of control.
Mike, the Raidho D3's sound like amazing speakers. You mentioned some very good amps. I own a pair of Magico S5's and have heard the S5's with Vitus & Soulution amps. I liked the Soulution 710 which sounded very smooth and relaxed, much like the S5's. As for Vitus, i've only heard the S5's with the Vitus RI-100 integrated and liked the tonal balance, but overall preferred my Boulder amps which subjectively sound more powerful & transparent. If you were going for Vitus, I would recommend their mono's which achieve more acceptable channel separation. I've heard various Rowland amps, including the 725 mono's. I don't know, when I hear them I hear some artifice which I find a bit fatiguing in long listening sessions. Maybe that's due to the op amps or switcher psu? The weak point of Rowland imho is their preamp. Spectral i'm not a fan of. They sound too clinical and bright for my liking. You correctly pointed out the Raidho's diamond drivers & ribbon tweeter require plenty of clean power which can match them for speed. I don't have access to D'Agostino or Constellation gear; both could be good options. If you're still auditioning amps later in the year, i'd include the new Boulder 2160 which should be excellent. Boulder have also just released the new 2110 preamp which from all i've read is outstanding. Enjoy the process.
Wolf - playing bass and controlling bass are two completely different things. If I gave you a really old paper cone bass amp, you wouldn't like the way the bass sounded (flabby). Just like some guitarists prefer tube amps to SS's the same thing.

Diamond woofers (new technology) are very hard and therefore need an amp that can move them in and out quickly and efficiently.
For a tube amp the Berning zh270 has the best control I've personally heard. I've compared it favorably to a SS Class A behemoth (Krell) and it sure held its own. We're talking fast bass here. DC coupled so you would expect it.
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I get it now.
Hi Mbovaird, I have not had a chance to listen to soulution amps yet, your description sounds intriguing!, I cannot coment on these amps, however, the Dan D Agistino amps are worth a worthy audition!, I have always liked his house sound, I would really like to hear what you think of the Dan D Agistino amps, I have my impressions, I want for you to come back and share yours,, what was the model of Ear digital you like?, I would like very much to look into that!, cheers.
I hope to hear the D'Agostino amps next week. I'm looking forward to it.

The EAR CD Player was the Acute III. My friend ended up buying it. If I still spun CD's, I would too.

Mbvoaird...whew...I was making a joke, and by the way my Eden bass cabs, a 12, a 15, and a 2X10, make most home audio speakers sound weak and silly...and they're paper. Also almost zero pro guitar players including myself use anything other than tube guitar amps, although for bass amps SS can sound fine.