Amp (Watts needed?) for Mirage M5 Si's

Current system includes: Cary SLP 94 Pre (Tube) Mirage M5 Si's Hafler DH 200 Time to replace the Hafler, Willing to spend between $1000 - $2000 for a used solid state. I'm told that my speakers need lots of power, how much is enough I know this is an open ended questions and it may depend on my room and the level of volume I listen to but how much power to the speakers need to live up to their potential? tnx/thecommodore
Hello. I had the M3's for a while, and yes, you'll need a fair amount of juice to get them really going. Go for at least 200 watts. A good, stable amp like a Bryston, Classe, Aragon will do nicely. Good luck.
You da man!! keep up the good work.