Amp wattage for NHT classic fours

I was wondering how much power everone is using on their NHT Classic fours- specifically in the single amp configuration (where the amp is powering the sub too).

I wouldn't run any NHT speaker with less than a clean 150W RMS per channel. I am uisng an NHT power5 for my NHT 2.9's, AC-2 and M5's. Prior to that, I ran the same speakers with an ATI 1505 which I retired because it was just too heavy for my stand. Powering your sub from the same amp doesn't really change anything, however 150W may be too little for your sub I have always used self powered subs, currently a James EMB-1200.
Thanks. I am currently using an 80 watt NAD C355BEE and it seems to do OK but I am also going to try a vintage 200 watt Sony TA-N80es.

Can anyone else recommend an amp for these? I am using them actively biamped with the X2 crossover, and am thinking of trying a new amp for 125 hz+