Amp warmer with Vandy 3s from Vandy 2s

I noticed that my SS amp ran warmer when I recently upgraded from 2CE sigs to the 3Asigs. I run SS monos. Any similar experiences?
No wonder. 3A's requires much higher power to drive them hence present heavier load to the amp.
That is what I thought. Thanks Marakanetz
I sold both used and think its more the sound of each speaker. This is evident at low listening levels where both speaker use less than 10 watts and is independent of the loads presented by the speakers.

Also the 3's are more efficient giving 88 vs 86db @1watt/1meter. The 2Ce is 7 ohms nominal,4 ohms minimum and the 3 is 6 ohms nominal 4 ohms minimum.

Recommended amp size is 40-160WPC for the 2's, 100-200WPC for the 3's.