Amp vs powered speaker confusion….

So, today I’m wondering why people spend a fortune on an amp when powered speakers don’t require a separate amp or do most people prefer passive speakers ?

For sound quality do you think the speakers are more important or the amp? I’m guessing both, provided you have the amp paired up with the right speakers. So, do you guys decide on speakers first then look for an amp or the other way around? So, if you already had speakers then the goal is to find the correct amp for those particular speakers or if a fantastic amp just came out would that make you sell your speakers then find a pair that matches that amp? All pretty complicated to me.



I think most probably look speakers first then amp, the speaker you buy will determine the sort of amp you need. The "problem" with buying powered speakers is you have no options your locked into the built in amps. Some folks love powered speakers and others don't.  It's really not that complicated getting out and listening to gear really helps.

Man, this has gone on and on a thousand times on this site already this year.  Please search this site for "active speakers."


Yes, I have a pair of decent but never used Totem One speakers overseas where I live these days and have settled on a Benchmark system to drive them but I’ll have to wait a month to bring the amp etc over there.

I’ve just came across a pair of powered Paradigm Signature S2v2 speakers in storage - is anybody familiar enough with these to compare them to the Totems? I might consider bringing them overseas with me if people thought more highly of them than the Totems with the Benchmark AHB2 and the Benchmark DAC3 HGC.