Amp vs AMP

?? what would you pick and why?
or McINTOSH MC2000 Tube
Speakers are JMLAB Mezzo/UTOPIA* Martin Logan Prodigy
Music type: Jazz/Rock and Roll Vocal CD player&Mostly FMtuner
Need Some advice
even jacques mahul were usining krell 500 at factory.with utopia s.but be carefull for cables choice.
Why are you looking to purchase Krell monoblocks if you mostly listen to a FM tuner? If you really do mostly listen to the FM tuner save your money and purchase less expensive amps.
Read the Classe Omega review-I believe they used your speakers and loved the combination
liguy, have ewe ever listened to a quality tuna? i tink yude be amazed by the sound quality...

regards, doug

ps - lotsa folks are still waiting for yer comments about running yer speakers single-wire in your *stunned* thread...

c'mon punks, ping me w/negative wotes *again*!!! *i* can take it!!! i also stand by my *legitimate* comments! ;~)

doug s.

ps - sorry, mp, about the limited amp info, but i suggest inwestigating electrompaniet amplifiers - wery nice amps, imho. electrocompaniet seems to appeal to a lot of folks that like toob-equipment...