Amp upgrade suggestions for a $2K budget

Hi guys,
I'd like to upgrade my equipment. I listen mostly to jazz and classic rock. currently have B&W CM7 speakers, a Rotel 1062 integrated with a Rotel 1072 CD player, Clearaudio Performance turntable, clearaudio carbon fiber tonearm, Benz L2 cartdrige and Moon LP3 phono preamp. I find that the Rotel soundstage lacks depth and separation. I added a Grant Fidelity tube buffer in hopes of improving it, but did not hear a great change. My preference would be to get a MacIntosh 6900 integrated but can't afford it at the moment. is there another integrated that would fit my budget and sound comparable or maybe even a tube preamp + power amp combination you'd suggest? btw, I'm fine with getting something in the used market.
thanks, Herbet
If at all possible,give a listen to the Rogue Audio tubed integrateds.I have the TempestII Magnum and absolutely love the sound.I have also heard the Cronus Magnum and it was very nice sounding.Either can be bought used below your budget.You can pick up the Cronus new with your budget.They may or may not be to your liking,only you can decide.Good luck with your search.
Rogue certainly enjoys a good reputation. I went from a JoLida 502B (Shuguang KT88s; Ei and NOS Mullards in the pre) to a JAS H-1 Hybrid (Rogue was a candidate at the time...I just didn't have easy access to a dealer for auditioning). The JAS punches well above it's claimed power output. It seems way more powerful than the JoLida despite only minor differences in power specs. Changing out the stock Chinese EL34s to current production SED Winged 'C's provided a lot of air and soundstage (width and depth). Have been very happy with it. I sent the JoLida in for the factory upgrade. My opinion is that the sound of the JAS - maybe because of the EL34s - is still the hands-down winner. Hopefully, you will get the opportunity to audition several amps with the type of speaker you are using. Don't know B&W CM7s. The Totem Forests I run aren't all that efficient though impedance-wise are a relatively easy load.
Second the VAC Avatar integrated amp.
While you can certainly make some marginal improvement with you amp/preamps, nothing will make close to as much difference as changing your speakers. I would find the speaker you most love for $2,000 and keep your electronics for a while. When you find the speaker you love, then I would tweak it a bit with the amp/preamps - it all mostly depends on the recording, the speaker, and the room. Which doesn't mean I would not recommend the VAC Avatar, it is a very good integrated amp, but if you really want a significant change for the better, start with the speakers - my 2cents.
I'm a bit surprised. would you elaborate a little more on why you think the speakers are the weak link?
Sorry Herbet, I did not mean to suggest that they are the weak link, you may love them and are the speakers you want to build a system around - if that is the case, then looking at your pre/amp makes sense. What I am saying is that if you are looking to make a change, changing speakers will make a much bigger difference (for better or worse) than making changes in your electronics, assuming you already have enough power and current to drive your speakers, which I think you do. So, I'm not commenting on the quality of your speakers at all, I'm simply suggesting that speakers (and your room) are far more important than any changes you can make with the pre/amp. If you love your speakers, the VAC Avatar is certainly one of the finest integrated tube amps you can find, made by a great company, providing great service and support.
Rogue Audio Cronus........Take a look at my system. The Cronus and the Rotel RCD-1072 seem to get along quite well. It's a wonderful sounding integrated amp, and it may be a perfect cornerstone for your system. Good Luck, and Happy Listening !
Any of the Cayin products, used. They are great values and sound terrific. Go with a 100.
Don't get rid of your speakers. I have your speakers and was running a brand new Rotel RB-1582 and RC-1580 amp/pre. The soundstage was no where to be found. I tried all different tweaks. I thought it must be the speakers so I connected my old DM-602's and found out it was the Rotel gear that was giving me problems. I had run the Rotel stuff in for three months and the sound never changed. On a whim, I sold it off and bought a Rogue Cronus Magnum for just under $2k. Man what a difference that made. I didn't even recognize my speakers, no lie. I want from shrieking unlistenable music to a giant sound stage of loveliness. The Cronus Magnum works really well with the CM7's. There's another guy on this forum to with the Cronus Magnum and CM7's and he really likes his set up too. You'd be surprised. Rogue has excellent customer service. They're made in Pennsylvania and you can speak to the owner directly any time you have a question.
P.S. - I kept the Rotel RCD-1520 CDP and it's great.
Classe' is often mated with B&W's.
I second the Classe suggestion for SS equipment. If you can make due with 150 watts/ch try the CAP151 integrated(around $1000 used).
Audio Research 100.2 is a great solid state amp.
The Burson amps are solidstate but pretty tube like. They have received some good reviews recently.

Here's their link: