Amp upgrade over BAT VK-500??

Hello All, Now I've gone and done it. I've upgraded to a point that I'm not sure where I should go next. Here's my system: Sonic Frontiers T3/P3, BAT VK-50SE, BAT VK-500, Dynaudio Confidence 5s with Nordost Quattro Fil ICs and Cardas Golden Cross Speaker Cables. I love the sound, but I suspect that the VK-500 is now the weak link in the system. Are there any amps in the $5k range (used) that I should be looking at or should I just throw in the towel now? I have a large room and the C5s require a lot of juice. Thanks.
If you can increase your budget to around $7K you owe it to yourself to listen to the Lamm 1.1 monoblocks. I had a VK500 and own the Lamm's now and the difference is literally stunning. Nothing subtle at all, every aspect improved quite dramatically. Wonderfull deep fleshy bass with so much tonal shading yet crystal clear mids and shimmering highs. No grain no edge no slushy bass. I was at the CES this year and I still have not heard better amps
Accujim, Funny to note that I actually bought the VK-500 from you a few months back! My local dealer carries Lamm so I'll demo if possible. Thanks.
I second the Lamm M1.1s suggestion. I too had a BAT VK-500, a pair of Plinius SA-100s a cj and Macormack DNA before getting the Lamms. It bettered all of them - most by a large margin. My speakers (Hales T8s) neeed juice too. FWIW, I too have the SFI T3/P3, a Hovland HP-100 and SFI Line 3, all Nordost cabling (Quattro fil and SPM Ref speaker cable - soon to be Valhalla), a Magnum Dynalab 102 and and a VPI TNT-V. You MAY want to try the SPM speaker cables - I had Cardas Golden Cross before the SPM and the difference in MY system was NOT subtle. The Cardas sounded slow, thick and rolled off in comparison - just a thought - YMMV!
Is the LAMM not worth about $10K more than the BAT? If so, I would hope that there would be an audible difference!
Dtwomey, we were NOT bashing the BAT, but Metaphysics WAS asking about and UPGRADE to the BAT and, since he was already going to spend around $5k used, Acuujim accurately pointed out that for about $2k more he could have the Lamms. After all, we ALL know that the higher up you go in price, the smaller the incremental improvement, if at all, over the previous price point.
I would look at getting a used ARC VT 200. You can find them for $5-6k here on Audiogon. I feel ARC builds some of the best tube gear on the market and ARC loyalist are upgrading, so used gear is plentiful right now. VT 200 can drive just about anything and the reviews by everyone were extremely positive.
You already own one BAT VK 500, sooo...if you were to pick up another used VK 500 for around 2500.-3000. you could send both of them back to BAT and have them upgraded to a pair of VK 1000 Monos (which have the BATPAK as standard). For a 3000.-3500. investment you would have a pair of amps that would be hard to beat...and harder still to justify another 3-4k on the Lamms. Look at your current synergy. BAT pre-amps love their counterparts!
Actually, I considered something similar. I could sell my VK500 for $3k and BUY some VK1000 monoblocks for $4.5k or so. However, I'm not sure if power is all that is lacking. Can the extra dough buy more detail, presence, musicality, rather than just more power. I'm not saying that any of this is lacking in the BAT stuff, but just curious as to what I should be listening to and for.