Amp upgrade +or- 1,000

I live in a rural area and it is a day trip to check out equipment.I'm presently using a Carver TFM 25(225wpc)Adcom GCD 575 and Klipsch Fortes.This system was purchased piecemeal on Ebay for $1,000.The Carver is the best amp I've owned but would like to move up.Any ideas?
Hmmm $1K used....Blue Circle BC22 or Bryston 3B-ST.
Definately consider the Aragon lineup..
Go for the 8008 bb or st depending on your setup.. balanced or rca.. this amp is a killer dual mono design. Super tonal balance, excellent detail, definately will take the edge off the klipschs... amazing bass.. can be found in the 12 to 1300.00 range... Everybit as good is the Aragon 8002..
have had both, very small detail differences...I would buy the 8002 for 700 or so and tweak it with a nice set of cardas copper binding posts and a nice p/c!
Good Luck,
used McIntosh should definately be considered. I like the Blue Circle too although it can sound a little thin. Like-wise for Bryston. McIntoshes can be had for a good deal on ebay since there are many of them around (50 years you know...). I just love all of mine - the recent ones having the most imaging and 3D effects I have ever heard and superb controlled bass with a real goose-bump-inducing midrange. A little Classe would be nice too - there is CA100 on ebay right now. I used to own Krell but not anymore! Good luck
If you want something different, I would suggest an AMC CVT2100as. If you search on Audiogon, you will find it new for $775. The AMC is a hybrid design with a SS front end and tube output stage. Pure tube designs will sound a little better, but they will usually cost more. I have owned both tube and ss amps that cost over $2k new and the AMC is competitive sonically with them. The downsides to the AMC have nothing to do with its sound. It is not a popular brand so resale will be difficult. It is fan cooled and the fans are may be audible depending on where the amp is placed. Also, tube replacement is tricky, because setting the bias is not easy. AMC will replace the tubes for you and I have read that the turnaround time is quick. If you can live with these inconveniences, you will not find better sound for $800.
For that price you could be a McCormack DNA 0.5 Rev. A or maybe even a DNA 1.0 Rev. B.
I second the McCormack route. You can pick up a .5 delux and have a few dollars left to consider upgrades. The other option is a good used integrated. Read and talk to as many people as you can then treat yourself to a day of listening. Good luck.
Your Klipsch are very easy to drive,so you can end up with many amp. choices that will work well.The two that worked for me were..McCormack DNA.05 nice solid-state..Rogue Audio 88 all tube amp. 60 watts nice,plenty of power..Both amps. are under your budget..Oh yea I have Forte's!!

Good Luck!!!
I would deffinately look into a used McIntosh amp. Not only great build quality, but decent service - if you need it too! And unlike some brands of audio gear, McIntosh equipment holds its' value quite well.
Try LFD Mistral or Musical Fidelity A3 amp. Both a little rounded out but musical and pretty even frequency response.