Amp upgrade for Thiel CS 3.7

Hi everyone,

At the moment i am using a Classé CAP-151 int amp to drive my Thiel CS 3.7
The amp is doing ok but a much bigger amp would obviously be more appropriate to drive my Thiels.
I've seen a very nice Krell FPB 700CX  for sale at a reasonable price.
Would that be a good investment or not ? would it be overkill ?
Let me know what you guys think.


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I've gone through most amps available on the market in the past few years and i came to the conclusion that the best one of them all for Thiel CS 3.7s is the Gryphon Diablo 300 by a wide margin.For any future Thiel CS 3.7 owner i've done the job for you, just get a Diablo 300 and don't look back.
^Just because it might suit you, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best choice for all. Some with particularly large rooms, might be better off with more powerful amplification commensurate with the CS 3.7’s power capabilities, and depending on sources might find some of the other capabilities of the Diablo superfluous.
No you don't need more power, taste is another thing.
^” No you don’t need more power...”for a larger room?
You might not, but somebody else might.
3.7s are not made for very large rooms, you loose all the bass.People with very large rooms will look at more suitable speakers for this size room.