Amp upgrade for 2 Ce Sig II


I'm in the USAF stationed in England and don't have the opportunity to listen to these amps. My system currently consist Rogue Cronus Tube integrated amp 55 Watts, Rega Aollo and MIT Shotgun S3 bi-wire and interconnects. There are two amps that people rave about, Belles 150A and Mccormack DNA125. The choice will have to complement a tube
pre-amp. I'll be more than happy to hear any other recommendations as well. The Belles is at an excellent price on this board, so if it the one I'll have to act quick.

Rogue Cronus, nice....... Your in the UK, try to get your hands on one of the Musical Fidelity or Electocopiant amps, they make some great models. Sorry I can't remember which one it is, but a buddy of mine in France has and EC amp they he runs, to great effect, with some Sonus Fabres. Go Euro while there, try the American gear when you get back.

Good luck, the Cronus is pretty nice, you might not like anything better.....
Investigate Wyred 4 Sound amps. Their input stage is very tube friendly. They sound great and are very reasonably priced. Lots of current reviews.

How about the Manley Schrimp pre-amp with the Belles 150A?
Keep your wattage to 100 minimum.
Music Fidelity would be nice.
Seems to me that Belles and McCormack are mighty fine choices at your price points. Vandersteen needs some watts and current for its bass, SS is a good way to do it at your price point and the two you mention would be at the top of my list as well.
Thanks for the advice I know that these Vandies can do better, just need a little more power!

I'd go with the McCormack, and I'll bluntly state why.

I owned two Belles 150A Reference amps, which both sounded excellent. The problem was that they both had buzzing transformers, and after paying Dave $300 to check them out, they still buzzed. He said it was a problem with my AC, but I have not had any other amps or gear that has buzzed like the Belles. There are other reports on the internet about this issue.

There have also recently been reports of spotty service from Belles (unresponsive to calls and emails) whereas Steve McCormack is one of the best in the business in this regard.

Considering you're overseas, I'd suggest limiting your risk and going with the McCormack.
I'm with Tvad on this one. McCormack amps are a bit more "lively" and have good synergies with Vandersteens, which tend to be a bit laid-back, though very musical.

I've run a set of Vandersteen 3's with a Classe CA-201 for a while (years). Recently, I was impressed with how much nicer they were with a borrowed McCormack amp. Now if I can just get off unemployment...

How would you describe the sound of these two amps and which pre-amp were you using? The only reason why I was considering the Belles over the Mccormack was one is listed
on this board as a demo at half price off. But, I'll read more before making a hasty choice. Thanks again for your help.

Would the DNA-125 be enough for the 2Ce Sig II?
Definitely enough power.
The Belles 150A Reference were used as monoblocks in my system. They were authoritative and resolving with a refined top end. They sounded terrific. The amp used in its stereo version lost some of the resolution, and the result was a smaller image.

I was using an Atma-Sphere MP-1 MK III preamp.
Thanks guys for time and advice, since I know what amp I will get I'll have to study know on which solid-state or tube pre-amp that will mate well with the 2 Ce Sig II.

I've owned 1c's, 2ce Signatures, 3a's & now 3a Signatures. I've not heard the DNA 125, but I did run the 2ce Sigs and the 3a's with a McCormack DNA .5, a DNA 1 and then a Belles 150A Reference. The Belles was by far the best of the three. It was cleaner sounding, never got harsh, even at higher volume, like the McCormacks did and had much deeper, tighter bass.

Again, I haven't heard the 125, but the Belles blew away the other two McCormacks.

Sounds like an audition is in order.