amp upgrade

Hello all. This is my first post! My system is as follows (mixed Home Theater and Two in Channel in one):

Arcam BDP 100 (cd analog out to preamp)
Rogue 99 Magnum with custom HT Bypass
Rotel 1056 Home Theater Receiver
Rotel 1070 amp
B&W CM4s
MIT AVT3 speaker cables
all kimber timbre interconnects

*I listen to mostly Jazz, some folk

My question is i am looking to upgrade my amp...I am only willing to buy used (cost). I am strongly considering McIntosh (e.g. MC 2105) and Bryston (e.g. 3b). My question is also will both of these examples (which are both 25 years old) be noticably better than my rotel which is probably about 8 years old. Then what other amps should I be considering? Thanks so much for your insight!
These 2 amps are likely to sound quite different from everything i have read and know about them...i have heard equipment from both a long time the vintage of what you have above.

Yes, i suspect both will be a step up over the Rotel which is very good and amply powerful...just not as refined as the Mc, i suspect...nor quite as transparent as the Bryston. I would suggest Forte 4 amp, Krell FPB series, or even KSA but watch the maintenance, you could get 2 CJ MV60SEs and that would be a stunning set. depends on your budget.

just my two cents...good luck and pls keep us posted.
You would still be using the tube preamp into the amplifier, so I am not sure how much of a difference you would hear by changing out the power amp.

Is there something about the overall sound of your current system that you are looking to change?

I ask that question, because I would be tempted to add a dedicated CD player. I think that you would change the sound more that way.
Never heard the 1070 but I have owned the Bryston 3B and a Rotel RB981. From that experience I do not think the 3B will be a step up.
okay, what about my rotel 1070 amp vs. a newer model bryston 2b or 4b? (2007 or later)
Hello Scifidelity, This thread will prove most beneficial to you if you answer Rar1’s very appropriate question: "Is there something about the overall sound of your current system that you are looking to change?"
Phaelon- thank you for pointing out that question that neglected to answer. Apologies to Rar1. I really don't know enough about this yet to know what i want in terms of sound. But I will try to explain...I really like warm, real, nuanced sound. I want to feel like the performers are in front of me and that the sound is not coming from a L and R speaker, rather from all over (is this called sound staging?). That being said i also appreciate range and from what i have read, many think a tube pre mixed with a tube amp loses the tight bass that SS amps provide.
In my own experience, it is probably more likely to get breathe of life and soundstaging with tubes...stereotypically, that is their domain. SS typical domain is accuracy, linearity and yes, propulsive bass. To be clear, you definitely CAN get propulsive bass from tubes, and you can get breathe of life from SS...u may have to look a little harder, thats all.

I have settled on tube pre with SS power for the last 5 years or so and am very happy. i was very happy with tube power and would not have changed except my speakers got bigger and more demanding and i wanted endless reserves without tubed monos. I run CJ with Class A solid state.
I used to have a 1070. The Bryston would be a step up, but that doesn't sound like where you want to go. Since you've already got the Rogue 99 preamp, have you considered looking at the Rogue amps? They seem to offer good power/price performance and are well regarded. You'd get synergy between those two components and any number of their amps would easily drive your speakers. 90db @ 8ohms is a pretty easy load. 50 Watts of good tube power would probably do the trick.
I would look into a Rogue 90 Stereo amp. You can also tube roll to tailor the sound to your needs as you can with the 99 Magnum. If you like a warm sound I would not go with an older Bryston. The Rogue's are neutral in my opinion for a tube amp but rolling tubes you can warm it up or make it cooler.
I would even look at the Atlas. It's even cheaper than the 90, and the Magnum upgrade gets you 90 watts per channel. It doesn't list it on Rogues website, but I believe it can be factory fitted with the new KT120 tubes, which are supposed to be excellent. It would be hard to go wrong with that for your first foray into a tube amp.