Amp under $1000 for Electronica...

I was wondering what a great used for under $1000 amp would be for listening to Electronica?
Perhaps a Creek or a Jolida? I am concerned that a tube amp will actually sound to warm and was wondering if a SS would be a better way to go
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
Synthesizers are mostly immune to being warmed up by warm sounding components, but are affected by high freq. roll off, characteristic of some tube amps. Electronica bass really saps wattage, so an amp with guts and power, I think, should be a priority. People tell me that ## watts of tube power goes further than the same ## watts of SS power, so keep that in mind. Those who know Katans better than me can give you some thing more specific. Good luck.
Depends on your speakers? If they are efficient, the Pass Aleph 3 is very good. And, incase someone want to ding me on this, I am selling one at the moment, but that is not the reason why I am recommending it.
Check out Aprils What HiFi UK magazine. It features about 5 systems for different tastes. One of them is a dance music system comprised of:
Arcam diva a65 plus
NAD C541i
B&W DM602S3

If you want more power check out a used arcam a85 integrated with same associated components.