Amp/Tuner/Receiver dilemma

Hi guys....
I currently have a secondary system in my family room, which is built around a NAD 705 receiver, which I'm quite pleased with. However, I have the opportunity to swap out the NAD and replace it with a Cambridge Audio Azur 340A amp and Auvid high definition tuner. One reason I like the NAD is because it has an "effects loop," which I want to try a BBE sonic maximizer in. The only downside of the NAD to me is that the power switch is getting slightly finicky, and sometimes I need to press it twice to turn on. I have very little money in any of these components. What's the best way to go? Thanks for your advice!
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I have owned a few NAD components and a BBE sonic maximizer (many many years ago). IMHO-you would get better sound w/o the BBE in the loop. The straighter the signal path, the better. Also, given enuff time the sonic max gets fatiging and distorts the signal thru equalization. If it were my choice, I would go with the Cambridge-its a newer design and the NAD is acting up so its more reliable.