Amp/Tuner: Best tubeless amp under $1000?

I know this is a "loaded" question, but does anyone have experience with Solid State amps? McIntosh? Vintage?

I have been looking for an amp for my upstairs to listen to music on/watch movies with. Right now I have a tube amp and don't really feel like using it for movies also. So basically I am looking for something tubeless to replace what I have. Something I can plug speakers, movie audio, turntable and cd player into and call it a day. Nothing fancy, no surround, just something that I don't have to deal with and my wife can feel comfortable using it. Everything I read seems to be over 2g and I don't have that. 1g is pushing it for me...

I have been reading about Mac 1900's, they seem very interesting but really don't know if there is something that sounds better, as I can't listen to them etc.

Any suggestions? I REALLY would be thankful as I have spent a week on looking for stuff, just to get more frustrated! :)
Frank Van Alstine (AVA) has been making great sounding SS amps for 20 plus years. Exceptional value and reliability. I picked up one years ago-an omegastar 500 for $700.00-and it still plays great.
Interesting. They are just a town away from me, I had them mod a Dynaco preamp and was nice. I will look into that. Anyone have experience with McIntosh Solid State?
I leave my PS AUDIO HCA-2 on 24/7. If you select your cords with care playing to your system strengths and weakness you can't go wrong. Around $700 used should be about right. It draws very little power at idle.