Amp to replace Audio Research D200

HI all

My beloved 20 something year old D200 has experienced death by cat (don't ask!) and has to be replaced. I can probably allocate $1500 to this task. My preamp is an AR LS2 and I've got an AR transport and an Enlightened Audio Designs DAC all driving a pair of first generation VR4 speakers. OK, so I'm old, what can I say :)

Any recommendations for a replacement amp? BTW, looks like D200s are going for about $1000 used now, so that's a possibility.

Thanks for any advice
It might be best to stick with what you know and love rather than experiment with the unknown and be disappointed.

I don't have to ask, I lost an integrated years ago the same way. I put the replacement amp on a rack with enough clearance to the shelf above for cooling, about 4-5 inches, but not enough room to provide a warm place to sleep. :-)

Good luck with search for a replacement amp.

What about looking into some McCormack amps?
If you liked the D200 and don't plan on changing other components in your system, I like the idea of buying another D200 and sending it to ARC for new caps, general refurb. Otherwise there are many good amps in your price range.
"05-16-14: Roxy54
It might be best to stick with what you know and love rather than experiment with the unknown and be disappointed."

I have to agree. The D200, 300 and 400's were some very good sounding amps. They've been out of production for quite some time now but I remember how much I used to like them. Do you have somewhere that you can bring the amp in and at least see if it can be fixed for a reasonable price?
Has anyone heard the DSI200? They seem to be hard to find used, but I saw one that went for $3000. If I sold my LS 2 and added a little more cash, I could swing it.

I would definitely consider it. I haven't heard one but it looks like an extremely nice component. For you, I don't its a question of it being good or bad. Its likely to be very different than what you are used to. Cleaner, more power, more detail, transparent etc.. It will do the "audiophile" stuff better. That said, I like your idea of going with an integrated. I think it can work out very well for you. Don't forget, going that route will get you a new preamp as well. Personally, I feel the preamp is the more important of the 2. (Assuming you don't really mess up your choice of amp.)

If you are open to different brands, 2 other integrates come to mind. I don't think its still in production, but CJ made a great SS integrated. Even if its no longer in production, its not that old. I'm pretty sure the model was CA-200. Its just a great, all around integrated. The other is a BAT 300x. Can't go wrong with that one either. I feel that these 2 integrateds may be a "safer" pick in that they would probably sound more like you current amp and preamp.