Amp to power Triangle Luna speaker

Hi all.
What is a good match used amp in the range $2000 for Triangle Luna speaker? I used my krell fpb200 which I borrowed from my main listening system to power them. Sound came out is good,but I feel it is a little bright for my taste. I am thinking of pairing them with CJ or Mcintosh tube amp. Any suggestions or recommended will be highly appreciated. By the way, this is a second sysyem that I am building up for my vacation home. I had an unused CJ PV12 & Krell KRC-3 on hand for use as preamp. Digital source will be my old time favorite CJ DR1 & DA2b transport and d/a combo for red book CD. Sony 9000es SACD player for high res music. MIT and Kimber cables throught out this system. Thanks.
I have a similar Triangle and use a Unico Secondo which can be had for perhaps just under $2K. Tubed preamp section and a 140 watt solid state amp section -- lovely sound.
I have the lower end Cometes and used Primaluna PL2 tubed int amp. I would go all tubes with these leaning towards El34 or EL84. That would tame the brightness.
Newbrook,I haven't heard any Unison tube amp but will checking around my local retailers to see if they have it. I was thinking about Primalunas at first, they are quite reallly good and affordable but one of my friends have them and he said his amp is noisy and slightly mechanical sound. I also like the sound of CJ and Mcintosh and Cary. I used to have CJ Premier 11A and sold it long time ago to a friend. It would be a good match for my speaker, although its bass is not that good. Do you ever had any experience with Jolida tube amp? people say they sound good, but all have maint. problem down the road. I also agrree with Grinnell, EL34 or EL84 should solve my problem.
I also have a JoLida. Very different obviously.

In my view, you will really like the Unison. It's built like a tank. Underwood HiFi sells modified versions (mine's not modified) and Audiowaves is selling them somewhat discounted. I paid $2100 for a demo two years ago.

Either way, you won't go wrong IMHO.
Does your friend have the PL1 or PL2? I havent heard anyone describe the Primaluna as noisy and mechanical mine is very quiet, maybe he has bad tubes? and its has a fairly lush sound with the EL34's.
Grinnel, my friend has Primaluna One. Just like you, I suspect his tube is going bad. I will audition the Primaluna 7 this weekend. My local retailer had several demo and used one. He said I will love it. I also do some research on Unico secondo. It is also very interesting. I will make a trip to NY and hear it for myself.
Finally, I bought the Unison Secondo. It would be a good match for my speaker. My local retailer give me a very good demo discount ($1,500). I also like the tube sound of Primaluna 7 but at $1,500, the Unison Secondo is unbeatable. Can wait to hook it up in my vacation home. Once again, thanks all for your helpfull input. It is a great buying experience.