Amp to power Model 2 Vandersteen speakers

I have two model 2 vandersteen speakers that I need an amp to power. Used, reasonably priced amp to run from a CD player (which I also need), powering my two speakers. Any suggestions/offers?
What pre are you using? I have 2CE sigs and am using a Tube Audio Design 150 ($900) and a Tube Audio Design 60($900-1300). You can pick up a used McCormack DNA-1 for around $800 but, I found that the TAD combo here is superior..

Generally speaking, I think Vandy speakers perform best with high-current amps. I have been very pleased with Bryston amps, having used them with my 2CE's, 3A's, and currently 3A Signatures. A used Bryston 4B-ST (rated at 250 wpc, but typically closer to 300 wpc) can be purchased for around $1200.
I used 2 hafler dh120's in a vertical bi-amp (1 amp per speaker) and it was with out doubt the best sound I got from my 2CE's. I still have them if you interested
pse studio v (ask richard vandersteen - he uses them for voicing the model`2's.

audio research classic 60
quicksilver 60 monos
In the mid 1980's I used 4 Meitner mono block amps on a pair of Vandersteen 2 .Best bass I had ever heard from Vandies.
i currently have musical fidelity x250 monoblocs with a adcom 750 preamp. i recently went back to my mccormack 162 for a trial. i found that i do like to warmth of the MC162 but the vandy 3a sigs need a good bit of power to open up....
I am using a Rogue Cronus with 2Ce Sigs and couldn't be happier. All the dynamic kick of a ss amp but with the sweet tube midrange. It can go loud and push serious with very low fatigue. Very musical.
I am currently running a Simaudio I-5 integrated amp, but I have a Van Alstine tube/SS hybrid preamp and power amp on order. The Simaudio (soon to be listed in the classifides) is quite nice, but I am very impressed with the hybrid tube design of Van Alstine. I auditioned the Van Alstine hybrid amps and preamps in person and was totally blown away!
I'll second the McCormack. I have a DNA 0.5 with Vandersteen 2ce's. Actually, Steve McCormack is the one that recommended that I try Vandersteen's with my McCormack amp. He told me that he uses Vandies in his shop.
You said reasonably priced. Look for a used Hafler dh-500 on Ebay or here(400) and then send it to Musical Design for the Platinum Mod(1399) and you will be happy as hell. Total price with shipping on both purchases around 1900 if you have the amp when purchased sent straight away for the mods. I have been using a dual mono Musical Concepts modified Adcom 555 for some time on my 3a sigs. Back in the late 80's when the vandy 2c's first came out the Adcom was the perfect match because it's weakness played into the vandersteen strengths. It was the BUDGET audiophile system of it's day.
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