amp to pair with decco for under $1000

i am very interested in the decco but it does not have enough power for my maggies (mg12). since the decco has a preamp out i need suggestions on a amplifier with phono for under 1k used.
"amplifier with phono" means integrated amplifier, yes? An integrated amplifier has it's own preamp so you would be using the Decco as a DAC in that case, no? Or, you get a power amplifier and a separate phono preamp to go with the Decco running as the main preamp (and DAC). Does this sound correct? Assuming the latter is what you are after, my advice below.

No good deals under $1000 on Audiogon in a pure SS power amplifier right now. Several power amp suggestions:

1. NAD C272 - warm, lots of power and current - under $1000 new

2. Odyssey Stratos - preferably extreme model with upgraded caps - ususally well under $1000 used and very good

3. Parasound HCA 1200 or better Parasound amp, high current and many available on ebay

4. A used Hafler power amp if you can find one

Phono preamps less than or equal $250:

1. Rega Fono mini

2. Cambridge Audio 640P**

3. Pro-Ject Phono Box

4. Creek OBH-18

5. Bellari VP129 Tube**

**units I have heard especially good things about recently.
If you buy an amp "with phono", your only choice is an integrated amp. In that case you would be using the Decco as only a DAC, so you might just want to consider buying a good integrated amp w/phono and a seperate DAC/USB-DAC.

Ultimately it appears you want a DAC/USB-DAC, pre-amp, phono stage and power amplifier. You can choose whatever combination you want. All seperates, integrated amp +USB DAC, Decco + power amp and phono stage, etc.

Personally, given the need you have described, I would get a good integrated amp w/phono stage built-in and add a seperate USB DAC.