Amp to mate well with Dynaudio 25's/ McIntoshC2200

Can any of you make some suggestions on what 2 channel SS amp might work well with a pair of Dynaudio Special 25 monitors and a McIntosh c2200 preamp? Thank you. Dave.
Keep it Mcintosh, MC252 or MC402. Remote switching thru the c2200 is also a plus.
i would agree with velo 62,if your into your present pre,good chances are the synergy will system dyn 1.3 se,moon cd,amp.its just a different sound than before,sim works well with the dyn 25 however.
i use the c2200 with the mc402 and a pair of totem mani 2 signatures. the mcintosh gear is absolutely great, and i would recommend it very highly. especially with the special 25's, which i have heard quite a few times. you will certainly want to make sure that they get enough power, so make sure whatever amp you get is up to the task!