Amp to match with Meadowlark Shearwater

Like to know what intergrated amps less than $2K anyone has tried with Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rods especially for jazz(Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans) female vocals(Diana Krall) and classical piano and violin concertos. I currently am running them with a "mid-fi" receiver and the highs are a bit too bright. Mids and bass are beautiful. My room is 22x12x8 with about 50/50 hardwood floors and area rugs. Thanks.
I heard the Shearwaters with Classe seperates and they sounded great. I haven't heard them with the Classe integrated, but I think it would be worth a listen. It was a great match, sweet, dynamic, detailed and musical. You might also want to try the Sim Audio integrated. If you are interested in the Sim, email and I will let you know a dealer who will give you a good deal. Great reviews at I currrently am using a Sim W5 and Sim preamp with Meadowlark Heron i speakers. I love the combination.
I use the Rogue 66 pre-amp and the 88 amp, they work well together. I`ve had these for about a year , they just are great speakers for the money. Has a really nice sound stage too,good base and mids to kill for.
If you can find a used Plinius 8150? int. I auditioned Meadowlark Shearwater at my local dealer with it "superb" Fine... fine seestem, Very Musical indeed.
I've always heard that the Shearwaters were designed with tube amplification in mind. I heard them with a YBA integrated (SS) and they sounded wonderful.
I have the Meadowlark Shearwaters (HR) connected to a BAT VK60 but have heard them connected to a few of Cary's tubed integrateds and they sounded very nice. Many of these int amps sell for less than 2K used. I also heard them connected to the VAC Avatar and they sounded pretty amazing as well. I've seen a few of the Avatars here on Audiogon for about $2,300 (w/o remote) which is about three hundred more than you're looking to pay. Good luck.
I would reccomend the Sim I-5, and I can recomend a dealer who will give you an excellent deal.
You don't need a lot of power for that kind of music. I would look at single-ended triodes, which these speakers love. The Cary SET integrateds 300 SEI, can be had for around 2,000 used. Cary has a new integrated which retails for 2795, but would go for less at a good dealer. Call Kevin at Upscale Audio. I really like the Carys (that's what I own) with these speakers.
All of the above mentioned will suffice, however, may I suggest a McCormack DNA 0.5 Deluxe/Tube Pre-amp combination. Very musical. As far as integrated amps go, both the Sim Moon and Classe' Cap-100 would be excellent choices. Regards,
While we're all throwing in $.02, I auditioned the Shearwaters at one dealer on Cary, CJ and VAC (dealer wouldn't deign to play them with anything other than tubes--which was not all that impressive as a selling scheme in my book, but what the hey) and at another dealer on a top-of the line Levinson setup. Right off the bat, I'll say that I preferred the Shearwaters on the VAC Avatar over $40k plus worth of Levinson gear. Beyond that, I'm not sure I can be of much use, as the CJ and Cary stuff I listened to was way beyond my price range and, from your description, yours as well. The VAC Avatar was pretty swell though, so I can only echo the encouragment of those above in suggesting you give it a try. Try as many tube combos as you can stomach, from my limited experience, the Medowlarks thrive on tubes. (I ended up with Thiel, Bryston, and VTL -- so that's what my opinion is worth in the end...oh well). Enjoy.
I had a chance to audition these speakers with an Audiomat Arpege(35 wpc tube integrated)and they sounded wonderful with beautiful mids and wonderful detail. Can anyone comment on how the speaker breaks in over time ? The manual says the highs smooth out and the bass fills in.
I'm hopeful the bass will develop a bit more punch/slam although I know not the expect the same from tubes as a solid state.