Amp to match Musical Fidelity A3.2 CD pl

Hi everybody, I have just won on Ebay a MF A3.2 Cd player. I now need to throw old amp away (15 yr old yamaha) Looking around in my Price bracket I see a Quad 77 integrated amp for US$370 and a Naim Nait 3 for us$494.
Speakers are KEF Q75 Towers. Any advice on amp selection and where my bottle-neck will be.
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Is the amp M-## e.g. 80 or BU-2? If so send it to my trash-I and scarce few know the respect required.I know the most efficient disposal method.
The answer is get an MF amp, like their all class A one with modest power ?30W?. It is an integrated I think. Further it has been on sale of late, but that might be an earlier model.
Then all you need to do, is to choose from a very broad range of moderately sensitive speakers. NS-1000 for $700?? A little too much speaker and old school but an Altec Vott would be content.
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Why not a matching 3.2 amp from MF? Would work with a wide variety of speakers.
You guys are great. I didnt expect a reply to my trivial query. Anyway the old Yamaha is an AX500 and its definitly going.I thought the KEF speakers were up to the job but somebody mentioned replcing them too. I didn't mention I'm in New Zealand and MF gear is rare and expensive. No MF a3.2 amps under US$750 (nz$1000) No comments on Quad 77 integrated amp (its old but well rated and good price. I feel I have a good source (CD) now and dont want bottle necks down the chain