Amp to go with Emm dcc2 se and wilson sophias

I am looking at switching my amplification. I am currently running a Emm dcc2 se (transporter and cdsd as transports) into a MF kw500 integrated amp with Wilson Sophias as speakers. The emm can function as a preamp and dac(right now I am running line outs bypassing the pre of the emm). I am thinking about trying to run the emm straight into a power amp. Any suggestions of things to try in the 4K to 6k range used?

Walt Shields
You might enjoy the Ayre monoblocks....have been using them for awhile....excellent in all aspects...

John, I'd venture those to be a tad more than $4-6k. :)
Walt. I also have the Dcc2 se. The pre amp section is excellent. You can do better but at a very high price. See the positive feedback Brutis awards.
For amplifiers in your price range I would suggest the Parasound JC-1's. They can be had for $3500. or less used. I used to own a pair and I can tell you they are excellent, especially for the money. A best buy. Since Bob Crump died you don't hear alot about them anymore but that doesen't change the fact that for the performance they are a steal.
I have a cheaper alternative.. Audio Research VT100 MKII used less than 3k... it was a great match with various watt pupppies I owned. Should be a really really nice match
Cary CAD-500MB should be a good match. The only problem with Carys is ... their name :-) This is why not many ppl take them seriously.

The fact it that they are superb amps. The Carys replaced $22k Lamm M1.2 Reference in my system.

You can get a pair used for $4k, a new costs $7k.
I run the similar AA Prestige se, strait to the CJ 350(ss amp)---Then on to my Soph.2's.--pretty decent!!
Used Audio Research or VTL