amp to go with bryston preamp

What amps (solid state) go well with bryston preamps? Dynamic, and transparent or warm.
I'm sure you'll get a few observations but having owned a number of Bryston preamps and amps over the years I can attest that Bryston preamps mate superbly well with their own amps. Something has to be said for synergy between components from the same manufacturer. It makes perfect sense that a manufacturer's desired outcome for a particular product can be realized when mating that product to other products "in-house". I can't say that Bryston amps are overly warmish in nature but they are dynamic and transparent, at least IMHO...
McCormick, Classe, Mcintosh, Mark Lev, Blue Circle, Aragon, Krell any heavy wieght solid state will go well with a BP 25, I Would say the Mccormick DNA 2 would really suite a BP 25 OR 26.
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