AMP to drive MMGWs

I am building a system for my home office and looking for suggestions for an amp.

For the source, I will be using an iMac (lossless files) into a McCormick DAC-1. The volume is controlled by the iMac so I just need an amp that will power the MMGW's. The speakers will hang on wooden pillars about 7 feet apart and 4 feet from the listening position at my desk. I'd like to spend $400 to $1200 and plan to switch out the amps over time to experiment so resale value is more important that the purchase price. I'd love to try tubes but know nothing about them or if they will power the thirsty Maggies.

I'm pretty settled with my Magnepan 3.6's and Parasound JC1's in my main system. This is the system I can experiment with. I listen to Jazz and acoustic music mostly
I ended up getting a Dk Design Lab Vs.1 MK II hybrid integrated amplifier -- I'll post the listening results.
I bet your gonna love it, my freinds DK sounds fantastic.