Amp to drive ceramics

I am going to build another system around my new speakers: Isophon Vescovas. They are coming from Isophon New Series , same as better known Cassiano and Arraba. Vescovas are 2 1/2 way, based on ceramics speakers. Their sensitivity is 87 dB, impedance 4 ohms with min. at 2,6 ohms (according to measures made by Stereoplay).

My room is small 12/16/8. Speakers are placed 4' from the front wall, 30" from the side walls and 7' apart.

I listen to jazz 40%, rock&pop 30%, blues 20%, classics 10%, from cds.
I like fast, articulated sound with precise, holografic soundstage. Hate boomines, fuzzines and brightnes.

Need your recommendation: what amp - tube or ss, integrated or pre/power - costing up to 7k $ use to drive Vescovas? Why 7k $? I live in Europe, so prices might differ noticably.
Only a Krell will do.
What did the speaker manufacturer say?
Holography from Krell? It gives wide but not specially deep soundstage. More over IMO cheap Krells got one note bass.

On the CES and Munich Show the top of the range ARRABAS were driven by the very expensive Wester Electric monos (300B) and Octave Jubilee monos (250 W from eight 6550C - 44 000 Euro).Don't know the sound but I've seen lots of very positive comments.