amp to buy?

first off, I'm new, and I love learning about audiophile stuff, do separate DACs have a power outlet to be powered by wall eoutlet? what makes amps and DACs combatible? 
I would think all amps are compatible with all power amps. The XLR or RCA output jacks on a DAC go into the XLR or RCA inputs on an integrated amp or preamp. Separate amps, not integrated amps, are only connected to a preamp.

Yes, separate DACs have their own power cord.
If you are starting off though, make an appointment to go to a dealer who will spend some time with you and teach you the basics. It will save you some money. Where are you located and some fellow audiogoners can make dealer suggestions/introductions. 

You may discover an all in one removes alot of variables for you starting out and there are all in ones that cover every pricepoint and quality level. But you must go listen at a good dealer to know where to start. Repay the gift of the knowledge and time the dealer shares by making a purchase. Good luck.
 Separate amps, not integrated amps, are only connected to a preamp.

Many DACs have volume controls. A DAC with a volume control can be directly connected to an amplifier. Or, the volume control can be bypassed ("fixed") and be connected to a preamp (standalone or within an integrated amp).
ty all I'm in a wheelchair it's not easy for me to visit the shops, you guys are all I got lol, I live in a small town not a city, is it more important to have a high quality amp or DAC? 
Diminishing returns set in much faster with a DAC than a power amp. Some speakers are very difficult loads, and need an amp capable of a lot of wattage even down to low impedances, whereas what speakers you have is of no importance to the DAC used.  
An integrated unit is much easier for those just starting out.  
A DAC typically doesn’t go straight into an amp, unless you have a way to do digital volume control, but even then there may be a glitch and the signal may be reset to full volume, and you could do some damage. 
In almost every case, the DAC is going to plug into the wall...and then send its signal to a preamplifier and in some cases direct to the amplifier. 

Some amplifiers have one input and a volume control and therefore can usually be fed directly by a DAC whether it has a volume control or not. (One thing to note....if the DAC does not have a volume control with a remote, then you will be stuck adjusting the volume manually on the DAC).

Here is an example of a really good amplifier with a volume control....designed to be fed by a DAC...and can almost certainly be had during their summer sale for at least 20% off.

Other amplifiers, that do not have a volume control can also usually be fed by a DAC...but then the DAC must have a volume control and the volume control must be set so that after shutting off, it stays at zero and does not reset to 100%.

It is also worth noting that some people will tell you that using a preamplifier will give you a "better/fuller/more realistic" result.  Others will tell you that if the amplifier was designed so that it might be fed by a DAC...then a preamplifier is not needed.
IMO, two "foundations" of a system are the amp and speakers, pick one and build from there. You may find an "all in one" box like Naim Uniti and others is best for you. Going separates requires some knowledge of system matching unless you have a brick and mortar dealer you can trust.
Are you building a system from scratch? What is your budget? 

We live in a wonderful time where it is possible to stream tens of thousands of CDs for about $20 a month, for lossless streaming. 

I stream Tidal and Qobuz integrated under Roon running on a Mac Mini. You’ll need something to stream to the DAC. Do you have a computer you can use?

 is it more important to have a high quality amp or DAC?
As DAC technology is improving almost by the day, I would opt for a high quality amp and get a 'very good' DAC, preferably one that can be upgraded.
I use Ayre Codex, but Schiit makes a Gungnir and Yggy that compare favorably. Both companies offer upgrades when available.
If you are starting out, it makes sense to listen to as many speakers first.
When you find the sound you like, you can then pursue compatible amps and preamps and DAC's.
Where are you located?
I'm in Canada the shops here told me that they don't have studio quality s 
i could help you setup your systemwhat size is the room? how far away will you be sitting from the speakers?how loud do you like to listen to, and what genres of music?
junk88, Let's cut to the chase here. If you're new at this then I would suggest running your dac into an integrated amp as some have suggested. You don't need to worry about amp/dac compatibility unless you are trying to run a dac direct to the amp which I highly suggest you avoid as a beginner. The preamp section of an integrated or a pre-amp that plugs into an amp will accept the input from any dac. The quality of these components can be debated and I'm sure we can offer suggestions once we understand your budget, speakers and musical tastes. My mother in law has been in a wheelchair nearly all her life so I understand your limitations. All the best to you in this endeavor and remember........have fun!
I think you’ve come to the right place. Over the years, I’ve bought and sold gear on here and have found this to be a good place to find excellent used equipment and to get advice. 
Parasound Halo HINT 6 Integrated Amplifier. Probably not going to find a used one yet. If you’re just starting out this will be a beast for you and last you years.
Keep the amp all analog imo...just add in whatever dac you want and connect to a line Input. In this way, you can update or upgrade the dac only and keep the amp. 
Peachtree Nova 300 or 500, has an excellent built in DAC and excellent sound quality. Look up reviews, affordable audiophile quality 
I think you should decide on speakers first and then choose an amp that compliments them. 
+10 for replies suggesting integrated Pre especially for a budding audiophile with limited mobility. Enjoy the music.
Pick your speaker and then build around them.
Consider various options.

Rogue's Hybrid (tube pre with class D amp) Pharaoh is a worthy contender at reasonable cost.