Amp Switch Box?

Can any one recommend a high quality switch box that would allow one to connect speaker cable and then switch between two different integrated amps (solid state for background listening, tube for serious)?

Ideally, I would not want the sound to be denigrated if possible. I'd obviously use quality ICs out of the box into the amps.

Many thanks!
Any non-shorting speaker switch can be used backwards and should not compromise the sound. However, there are no "ICs out of the box into the amps." There should be 2 sets of speaker cables out of the amps into the box if you are switching between amps.

Thanks, Kal. Any chance you could tell me where I might find one? Not exactly sure what set-up would look like, sorry.


I have never used one of these but have seen them mentioned many times when that question has been asked.

I use the Niles to switch between a tube integrated and a SS amp. Works flawlessly. You'll need a 12v trigger so that the niles switches automatically when you turn on the SS amp. Highly recommended.
At the same time you switch the tube amp AWAY from the speakers, you MUST have a load online for that amp. Tube amps need a load.
If you intend to shut the tube amp off before switching, you will eventually forget or someone not totally familiar with this switch and system WILL eventually switch the tube amp away from the load and ZAP.

SS, doesn't matter, however I don't know about SS thru autorformers....but I suspect not.

Also, if you do some kind of DIY, you must use 'break before make' switches to keep from switching one amps output to the OTHER amps output, even for a fraction of a second.