Amp suggestions to pair with Edge G1 preamp

I'm looking for an amplifier that'll provide a good synergy with the Edge preamp the rest of my system includes GMA callistos, GMA sub, Denon dvd 3910 and listen mostly to hard rock, any suggestions?
I do not know your speakers or your budget point however, I have personal experience with Edge G8 and NL amplification. If you can afford to go (used or new) to NL 10.1 or NL 12.1 amplification, you will find amazing sound waits for you with these amps. The G8 is also a fine product at a lower price and power-point...
My budget is 3K my speakers are green mountain audio "Callisto"
If you can stretch a bit more budget, you might wish to consider the Edge G8+ monoblocks which are G8 designs with the added benefit of the laser-bias circuit design from the NL series amplifiers. Another A-gon member has a pair up now for about $4500. The G8+ is the next step up the line from the G8 and has additional sonic attributes that are worth the 2 cents.