Amp suggestions to mate with EAR 864 pre

Welcome any suggestions/experience with a power amp to match with an EAR 864. I'm leaning toward a SS amp...Pass, Rowland, etc. but would also consider a tube amp (currently have a BAT VK75) that is dependable and user friendly. Listen to alot of female vocals, rock, some classical.

Associated equipment: BAT VK5DSE CD player and Wilson Benesch ARC speakers. Planning to add phono with new system.

EAR 509 or 519 mono bloc amps. Fantastic
I mate it with a Plinius SA102 (via XLR) with nice results.
I happen to have my 864 mated with Bel Canto eVo2 and that combination also works well. Plenty of power yet no heat.
Thanks for the replies. I ended up finding a good deal on an EDGE G6. So far I really like the combination of the tube pre and the SS amp going through my WB ARCs. Very detailed and authoritative bass - more "full" sounding than my previous all BAT tube set-up - as well as detailed but not etchy highs. Think I will be keeping this set-up for awhile!