Amp suggestions for sofia's

Hih all,
Need some suggestion for wilson sofias. Currently i am using a Bryston B100 integratd with internal dac and mm phono. Although i am real found of detail the speakers seem to be a little bright. Since the bryston can be used as a pre only. I was going to try a different amp to go with it. Tube or ss doesn't matter although i don't know much about tubes. I have read that tubes don't push the sofia's very well. They seem to be a little power hungry. I'm am trying to soften the speakers just a little.
My budget is under 10k. much under if possible. I would rather have a stereo unit instead of mono's just because of space to put them, but i an not counting them out. depending on the size. I will be looking at used just to try something different for now. I have been looking at Lamm and Conrad Johnson. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


My friend uses Lamms with his Sasha, I have had my Musical Fidelity NuVista M3 on them and sounded good. The big MF integrateds are a real bargain. My CJ 350 would work well. Krell and GamuT would be a couple more. If you want maximum volume and bass extension the large SS with stability into low impedance loads is the way to go. If you are willing to give up a little bass and volume tubes will work and give a different presentation of the midrange which many prefer. The bass and maximum loudness will still be good, just not quite as much. AR, CJ and Quicksilver are among the ones I would check out.
Audio Research tube amps on the Sofias sound really nice. I have always found that Wilson speakers sound better with tubes than solid state. I would also look at VTL and VAC
Thanks for your responses. I have been leaning towards the CJ but after reading up on the ARC it has possiblities. I have a small (18ft x 12ft), but well treated dedicated listening room so volume isn't an issue. The bass is what i am worried about. I have heard that tubes do not do bass very well.

Will more power in a tube amp be benificial in the bass area. My Bryston does a great job with the bass. At 4 ohm at 250 per channel. It kicks butt. I really do not won't to lose that.
A friend was using big Aragons on his Hyperion speakers. He then switch to a 100w Vac tube amp and says the bass is as deep and much tighter. You can't always listen to generalities such as tubes can't do bass. You have to audition the amp you are interested in on your speakers
Check out this site for a lot of information on Sophias including other's experience with matching amps.

If I had your speakers in your room, I'd personally go with tubes. The ARC Ref 110 mated with an ARC Ref 5 preamp would be high on my list.
The CJ and Lamm's you mentioned are great choices, I would add Pass's XA.5's to that list.
I auditioned the Wilson Sofia driven by VAC tube monoblocks and they performed beautifully. If I ever upgrade from my 801N and Krell 650mc, that would be it.
Balanced Audio has been paired with Wilson's with very good results. The VK 75SE falls under your price range.
Wow, this is going to be harder than i thought. One of the things i have to consider is how well my bryston pre will match what ever amp i choose. I know once i get a new amp that i will eventually get different pre, but for now i have to stick with what i have. Any advice or suggestion on what to look for to help. like impeadence and such.

Have been doing a lot of reading of threads. Thanks for the link tricon. It was very helpful.The ARC stuff is one of my choices, but after reading reveiws and some forum threads i don't think the ARC will be a good match with the Bryston.

I think the CJ may be the way to go. I will keep looking and reading for about another week. Then i will have to make a decision or i will go crazy.

Thanks for all the feedback.Keep it coming.