Amp suggestions for Revel Salons?

I am looking to move back toward more two channel listening with a pair of Salons up front(part of an all Studio HT theater). I need advice on amps to drive these fine speakers. I am using an EAD 2000 currently for comparison. Thank you in advance for your time.
I owned Salons for three years, and a close friend of mine owned his for four.

The most important thing to bear in mind with the Salons is that they are a very high-end speaker -- just because they can now be had used for $8,000 or less does not change that fact. Thus, you have to use them with very good electronics and cabling.

Cutting to the chase, the original Classe Omega and the Pass 600's work very well with Salons. I ran them for awhile with Jeff Rowland Model 6 monobocks with the battery power supplies, and got superb sound out of them (my dealer, who did not sell Rowland, said that he would run them with vintage Rowland if he could). I got best results with VAC Renaissance 140/140 tube monoblocks, but they are very expensive amps. Speaking of tube amps, there are only a small handful of tube amps that are able to control the woofers on Salons, all of which are extremely expensive.

The Salon owners I know did not like Levinson (Madrigal) amps with Salons, despite the speaker being voiced with them -- they found there to be a lifeless, overly languid sound to them when run with Madrigal electronics (I did, too, at one of my dealers).

My friend ran his for quite a while with the darTZeel amp, but it is very expensive.

If you need a great deal of power, then the big Classe Omega is hard to beat (and to lift -- 250 lbs.). If you do not need maximum decibels, then I suggest the Rowland -- Model 6, 8 or 9 are all fine, but the 6 sounds the best of the group assuming you don't need outrageous sound levels. This vintage of Roland amps plays to the Salons' strength of accurate timbre, resolution and musicality.
I run mine with Pass X250,5.More than enough power for them.My advice: get rid of the stock spikes (or floor protectors) and get Audio Points from Star sound Technologies and you won't believe the change.I still kick myself for listening for 2 years with original spikes.
Thank you for the fine suggestions and advice. Should I look for the Rowland battery 6's or is this gilding the lily. I am on a budget.Cabling was mentioned as anoher critical component any suggestions on what the Salons like.
The Model 6's sound better with the batteries. Without going into great detail about why, they output fewer watts with the batteries, but will drive a speaker to louder levels cleanly with the batteries because A/C line noise becomes audible as the volume goes up, and none of that crap is there with the batteries. If you read Stereophile's review of the Model 2 (same amp, but the stereo version), there is a follow-up section about the batteries.

While not strictly necessary for excellent sound, the Model 6's also sound better when run balanced.

When run balanced and with batteries, I would put the Model 6's up against any solid-state other than the darTZeel. In fact, darTZeel's U.S. distributor has been known the recommend Model 6's -- or the Rowland Model 8 or 9's -- for those who cannot afford darTZeel. They retailed for almost $17k when introduced ten years ago for a reason.

Speaker cables: I had excellent results with Kimber Select KS 3033 (all-copper) and KS-3038 (all-silver) with the Salons -- the 3033's were the best value. A close friend had great success with Jena Symphony.