Amp suggestions(?) for Focal Aria 906

I have a pair of the 906's on matching stands and am running a Marantz HD-AMP1 (35 wpc @ 8 ohms).

I'm running either TIDAL streaming (HiFi) or Hi-Res files via Audirvana.

For there most part, it sounds really nice especially since I experimented with placement and have it just right.

My question is if the AMP1 has enough power to get these guys going? On the highs on some recordings, I can hear some ??? (I think they call it digital hash?)

BTW, suggested power (from Focal literature is "25-100 watts".

Listening Room = 15' x 12'
Musical Preferences: Rock, Folk, Blues, Classical

You need tubes...15wpc.minimum should be more than enough in that size room..You should also consider acoustic treatments if you haven't done so already...
35 wpc is plenty in theory. They might not sound their best with that amp, but that depends on what you like. 15wpc is too little. If you crunch the numbers to get good volume out of those, 15wpc doesn't cut it. 

    How many watt pc (min) would you suggest? SS or tubes?

^^^ Horse $HIT!!!
You have a small room and with your taste in music unless you listen at ear bleeding levels,as I said MINIMUM...Get an EL34 Class A Integrated amp(50wpc.) with a Triode Mode,25wpc.Class A Strapped Triode with those speakers= heaven!They are genuine 89db.sensitive and have almost zero phase swing...I have been driving Dynaudios with low watt tube amps for years now with sublime results...
Got it, Thanks free diver!

Any specific make/models to try?
Freediver clearly isn’t familiar with those speakers.

I power 936’s with a 32 watt class A amp and I’m only doing that because it’s push-pull with 32V rails. You will melt your tweeters with distortion trying to get solid volume out of those with a 15wpc single ended amp. But since somebody doesn’t want to believe me, I’ll go through the math.

Those are about 89dB/V/M sensitive, but they have a low point of 4.6 ohms. I’m going to round that to 4 for simplicity. That means they want 2 watts to make that 89dB at a meter around the low point. That mean you need 8 watts at 2 meters or 6 feet away. And then you need 32 at about 10 feet. And that’s assuming no transients that exceed the mean volume. 15 watts is ok if you feel like wearing them like big headphones, but you’re using yours in a room roughly the same size as mine and I’ll bet you’re 8 to 10 feet from them. 15 watts isn’t enough. Period.

  Yes, 9 feet away .....
I think an el34 based amplifier would work great with your speakers.  Prima Luna, Triode Corporation, Yaqin... all great push pull designs that would give you some control.  I'm not sure I'd go with a Jolida or Rogue with those speakers given the tonal balance, though others may disagree.  Like mentioned above about 15 watts - I'm not sure it would be enough.  I'd consider 30 to be more in line with minimum power.

If you like the single-ended sound and need more power, MastersounD is about to ship me the first batch of the BoX, a 35 WPC parallel SE integrated that will retail at $3,000.  I could see it being a good pairing and likely enough power to control the Focals.  I am the distributor so take that as you may.