Amp suggestions for Epos


On advice, I will be receiving a pair of Epos M5i's next week :) I will be running them with a Yahama CX-800 pre and a MX-600 amp. I kinda like the preamp is super quiet and has a great phono stage!!!

So here's the "but"!! While the amp has no problem with power, I am concerned that it may sound thin with the Epos.

So, I am looking for comments\suggestions for a new amp in the neighborhood of $300-400 bucks that will give me better weight to the low end...a killer midrange to match the Epos and a high end that won't exaggerate any brightness...I don't like it bright...hurts my ears...gotta be smoooooth ROFL!!!!

Am I thinking in the right direction??

Any thoughts would greatly be appreciated!!!

Thanks kindly!!
Unless it is unbearable I would wait until I could spend more money, a couple of hundred will buy you a lot more amp.
So with that extra cash, what would you suggest??

A lot of choices. I have had good luck with Musical Fidelity, but the things on audiogon change from day to day. I advise you to buy used, I do and I am a small dealer who can get many things at cost. In any case don't do anything until you have actually heard the amp and speaker together, you may like them and if you don't it still may give you a better idea of what to look for. the Epos in the other day. I must say these are a fantastic speaker even with running them on Yamaha LOL!!!

No seriously, very smooth with wonderful mids!!!

Now with the Yamaha, I just don't think they are at their potential, so I found a used Arcam Alpha 5 integrated :) It will be here on Wednesday!!

I'm hoping this will just add that slight something that will bring out more of the Epos' layering and rich textures!!

Crossing my fingers!!!

Anyone else run Epos and Arcam?? Comments??