Amp Suggestions for B&W 801 Series 2 Speakers

We have a fabulous pair B&W 801 Series 3 speakers that used to be in our HT but now are used for stereo only. We are currently using a Yamaha DSP-1 Receiver and Monster M2 bi-wire cables, but I want to upgrade to either an integrated amp or component amp/pre-amp to see what these 801s can really do. That said, I need to do this for less than $4,000. A local dealer has a used McIntosh 6900 intergrated amp. Another suggested new separate Rotel Pre-Amp & Amp (minimum 200 watts/8 ohm channel). Any suggestions on power requirements, separate or integrated, manufactures and finally, new or used?
I'd go with a Rotel RB 991 or RB 1080 but a better preamp than the Rotel. Maybe a Classe or Musical Fidelity. There's plenty to choose from.
I have the opportunity to have my 801 connected to David berning's 250W OTL newly built tube amplifier. When we heard Mahler's second symphony over the set up with a so-so sonic frontier preamplifier and my Sony C-555 CD player, the result was so stunning that I am looking for a more powerful power amplifier now. Keep your 801 and keep looking for a good powerful amplifier
Musical Fidelity works well with B&W
Great combo for me was Threshold amp ( s/300 sereies 2 )with Sp11 Audio Research pre-amp .Great combo ! Plenty of power and very musical ,with just the right amount of warmth.Tremendous bass slam.Great combo...Classe amp would do the same.. Any older Audio Rsearch pre would work great also -sp6 -sp8 sp10 or 11...This is all used stuff,where I feel are the best bang for the buck! You could also of coarse buy new,but in my mind get less for your money..
Classe Cam 350 monoblocks will make your speakers sing. I have tried less powerfull amps with no success.
Great amps for the 801's would be the Bryston 14bsst or...two 7bsst monos. I use the Bryston 14bsst for my B&W diamonds with wonderful results. For what its worth, the 14bsst was a stereophile class A pick a year ago and in HI-FI magazine was one of their top picks also. It is clean, powerful and, in my opinion, has no real sonic signiture, thus it produces what is sent to it...send it a gem and it gives you the same gem back. Good luck
These are all really helpful comments. I was at my local stereo dealer today and overheard a customer and a salesman talking about how good a Mark Levinson 23.5 was for B&W speakers. Commnents?
LMB54:I have not heard this combo. I have been through many of the discussion forums here on the Audiogon. Many of the posts suggest Mark Levinson amp would be a good match for the B&W speakers. It seemed to me however more folks were in agreement that the Classe amps were the best match. Only your ears can can answer this question as personal preference takes precedence. I suggest you try going to Discussions and type in B&W where you can first hand which is preferred. You can even review pictures w/equipment lists of each person's system. I love my Classe CAM 350's.