Amp suggestions for Audio Research LS-16

I have an Audio Research LS-16 (tubes) pre-amp, Audio Research CD-2, NHT 2.5i speakers, with JPS Superconductor speaker cable and JPS Superconductor II interconnects. I'm looking for a used amp under $3000 that provides a minimum of 100wpc. Also recommendations for balanced cables?
Audio Research VT100MK2 -- Stereophile Class A rated, reliable, and I have seen several on Audiogon at the $3K and below price point -- Highly recommended combination. I currently have the LS25 and VT100 combo and love it.
I have an ARC D-115 Mk2 and SP-8 with the NHT 2.5i's with the ARC tube ring dampers. I have seen a D-115 Mk2 on Audiogon but feels it is too high priced, the guy wants 1850.00. This is a superb 100 watt all tube amp that is about as musical as it gets. If you look you should be able to find one in excellent- mint for 1000-1200.00. I can't imagine approaching what this amp does for under 3-5K new. From sweet highs to well defined bass, it does it all very well and hasn't shown me any limitations yet, only my other ancilliary components have. The above combo with Harmonic Tech cables is the best I have heard this speaker and that includes with Krell amplification. With recent addition of the HT Pro 11 power cord from the processor to the pre-amp it has improved another notch. The high's have another layer of grain removed and the bass is much improved with added layering of the instruments. You have got to hear the D-115 Mk2, you can't go wrong for the money. Good luck E-mail if you have any questions, I have owned the 2.5i's for about 2.5 years and have gone through a lot getting the system the way it is on a relative budget.
I am not suggesting the D-115 Mk2 over the VT-100 Mk2 which I have also heard and is excellent and I am sure better overall than the D-115 though I can't say since I haven't heard them both in the same system. I am just suggesting the D-115 Mk2 as a less expensive alternative. The power storage on the VT-100 Mk2 is much greater so dynamics and noise floor should be a big improvement overall.
Tubegroover- How often do you need to replace the tubes in the D-115 Mk2? I was considering the VT-100 MkII, but was concerned with how often the tubes need replacing. Also how hot does the unit get? Thanks for all your suggestions.
In the VT series of Audio Research amps, they recommend to change tubes every 2000 hours. I listen to my system about 20 hours a week, and I saw tube life at about 2.5 years on my first set (more than 2000 hours). My second set is not near ready to be changed with over 1 year of use. As far as heat goes -- any 100W per channel tube amp is going to make some heat. My amp has 12 inches of space above it in an open rack and it is fine. The thing that hooked me on all of the ARC products I have owned are the reliability, audio performance, and factory support. ARC has any part for any piece of gear they have ever made -- and in the audiophile industry, there is only a handfull of manufacturers that can say that.
The D-115 runs very hot. I have the metal cover off to help dissapate the heat which helps keep the tubes cooler. I can't say how frequently the tubes need to be changed because I have only had the amp about 4 months. When shipped to me 2 of the output and 1 regulator tube broke (Gold Aero). I replaced with Svetlana 6550's at just South of 200.00 (from Triode Electonics 6 month warranty on tubes). I expect based on my conversations with other owners that tube life is about 2000-2500 hours maybe more if you keep the amp in a very well ventilated location and KEEP THE COVER OFF! Good luck.
Thanks for all your help. I came across a Plinius SA100 MkIII and decided to give it a try. Should be a good combination.
Let me know how the Plinus works for you.
Try the Discovery Signature balanced cables for your system. They are most neutral and musical.
Abruce- The Plinius SA100 MKIII sounds incredible. I was listening to Vivaldi's Four Seasons and never notice the harpsichord before. Also on Clapton's Unplugged he uses a mandolin on one of the tracks that I never noticed before. Great amp! Seems to work very well with the Audio Research LS16 and Audio Research CD2.