amp suggestions

currently using the dartzeel integrated with playback design mps3 and ascendo system F speakers and audience au24e cabling all around would like to upgrade to tubes pre power can my fellow audiogoners help me decide which one currently contemplating the CAT jl2 signature mk2 with sl1 renassaince any suggestions shall be of great help
what size room are in listening in and what type of music do you like to listen too?
The room size is 11ft wide 17.5ft long and 8ft high I listen to blues pop jazz clasicals etc.will the change be a big jump from the current setup or will it be just another set up
so many audophiles on the forum have no opinion strange have people stop listening to music or stopped helping fellow audiogoners
I think it maybe the combination of speakers and amp;I have not heard either so I could not help you out.
I do know the cat products are considered excellant;I do not think I ever saw any bad comments in any of the forums I look at.