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I'm thinking about upgrading my Parasound A21 amp. I'm driving PSB 4 ohm speakers and my rig is set up for 90% vinyl, 10% digital. Units I've considered in the $5-6000 dollar price range include:

McIntosh MC302

Bryston 4B-SST2

Pass Labs XA30.5

I don't play at very loud levels, but the 30WPC of the Pass concerns me a little especially given the 90 percent vinyl.

Any other brands and input greatly appreciated!
Sorry, Sanders Magtech.
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I would think given your budget you could get a pair of Pass XA60.5's used. Great Amps with outstanding reviews.

I would also consider looking for the XA60.5's at the top end of your budget. Always been impressed with their performance when auditioning at local dealers. If not for their size, I was considering switching from my current Rowland 312 to the Pass Labs XA100's.
My friend has an XA30.5 listed here on Audiogon at a very reasonable price. I've heard the amp and it's sweet and in excellent condition. I think it would be a good way to go unless you want to spend additional money in which case I'd follow Czbbel's advice.
What model of PSB? We should check the impedance curve of the speakers; in the case of the Synchrony One, impedance can drop as low as 2 ohms.

BTW, the Pass XA30.5 doubles down to 60 wpc at 4 ohms.
I'll bet the Pass would sound awesome with PSBs and should have no trouble driving them.
Man, you've got lots of great options at that price level. Here are some other good ones that are for sale here now and are in or below your price range:

Plinius SA103
Hegel H20
Gamut D200i
McCormack DNA500

Of course there's also the Parasound JC2 if you like your current amp. You really need to tell us what aspects of performance you're looking to improve and which are most important to you to get more specific and useful recommendations. These are all great amps listed here, so especially at this level it largely comes down to personal preferences. Best of luck.
Yes, I'm curious as to how the A21 sounds with the PSB's, and what models they are. For that matter, what's the rest of the system?
What is the rest of your system?
If you have balanced outputs from your preamp my Krell FPB 400 cx is for sale at less than your price range. Superb amp.
Thanks for all your input, The PSB,s are the Synchrony One B, Parasound P7 pre-amp, Rythmik Audio F-112 sub, VPI Classic One Turntable w/ Lyra Delos and Fosgate Signature pre-amp.

Although the PSB's are bookshelf, I'm satisfied with the mids , percussive bass depth and tightness with the Rythmik dialed in. My issue is how bass guitar is being reproduced. It's hard to explain, but bass notes have an almost annoying , over powering drone that distracts from the rest of the music. Tone controls on the P7 are off. I turned them on once and well you can guess the awful results. Maybe upgrading the amp is not the right step?
Have you ever heard your speakers sound they way you want anywhere else?

You might look at the speakers instead of the amp.
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Agree with Bob -- how do you know your sub is really "dialed in?" What method did you use? Does the problem occur with the sub off as well? Perhaps some more advanced room correction will solve the problem and you're done -- not sure what the P7 can do but DSPeaker another option. I'd try that first. This may well be a room issue and you may also try experimenting with some bass traps, which could also help significantly but I'd try the room correction route first as it could help in multiple areas.

Lastly, you don't mention what interconnects/cables you're using. They could also be contributing to the issue although likely not the solution. Best of luck.