Amp Suggestions

Suggestions in the $4k to $5k used range. CAT SL-1 and Martin Logan Sequel II's. I am torn between tubes and ss. Thanks.
Classe 401, don't look back.
You are going to love Mc Cormack DNA-500!
Get Jadis single end power amp. DA30?? cannot remember.
If you decide to go with solid state amplification, you might consider Aragon 8008 series amplifier. I own one and I am very pleased. I do not have Martin Logan speakers but several dealers have suggested to me that the Martin Logan/Aragon match works very well. Even though the Aragon is well under your price range of $4-5k used, you might consider it in the mix.
Levinson 335 or 336. Excellent control, spacious
soundstage, neutral, dynamic. Mates well with
my Magnepans.
With that setup I'd go tubes all through. The Jadis 30, as suggested above has not enough power. Within your price range the Antique Sound Lab Hurricane monos,($4400 new) which HP raved about in TAS, would be ideal, I find. Don't go for less.....
Parasound Halo, McCormack 500, Pass X-250 are all very good choices as is the Edge amps.
My vote goes for Classe but consider a tube preamp or D/A, I ended up with a tube D/A over the tube preamp, also you may consider bi-amping which helped for me as the system is more musical, synergy...
Happy Listening!
Atma-sphere OTL. Very dimensional and rich. The antithesis of lean. No grain. Somewhat soft on the bottom (except MA-2) but not lacking in quantity. Extremely musical sounding. There are more but I could not resist mentioning this one.
My disclaimer: I'm not crazy about tube amps.

I think that there is no way that you could go wrong with Classe or Levinson. I also think that Jsawhitlock's suggestion that you consider a tube preamp is very interesting.

Good luck!
It may be too soon, but I may want to second Detlof's suggestion of The ASL Hurricanes. I have them now and I am still burning in the tubes. I also did some rolling on the 6SN7's from the stock version to NOS Sylvania's. As of now, and with 50-60 hours....I say this amp is starting to really sing. I hope to do a review in a few weeks......