Amp suggestions

Hi all,

I wanted to get some advice. I am the middle of up grading my system.

Preamp: Rouge 99
CDP: Cary 303
Amp: Odyssey Stratos
Speakers: Dynaudio Contour 1.3 Mk II
Interconnects: Nordost Blue heavens
Speaker wire: Nordost flatline gold (upgrading)

I was thinking of upgrading my amp. I was looking for something with more current that would open up the Dynaudio. Money is an issue so I would probably go used ($2000-$3000). Any suggestions?

On the other hand I guess I could upgrade my speakers. I listen to mostly jazz and some rock/pop.
I have some extensive experience with Dynaudio speakers. They tend to need amps that put out alot of current. Dynaudio, I believe uses Simm Audio. The Moon W-5 would seem an excellent match. Also look at BAT VK-500, Threshold, Krell, Rowland et al..

Hope this hels
i would throw tubes at your system. maybe conrad 12s,
Alternatively, and if you like the Stratos' sound, you could purchase another Stratos and bi-amp yr set-up -- or bridge the Stratos... It would cost less, too.

Why not ask Odyssey if they have any bright ideas? The Dynaudios are nice speakers IMO, worth holding on to!
I heard the Stratos in a friend's system and it sounded decidedly dark in the upper octaves compared to his previous amplifier (from White Audio Labs I think). Now I know that the Rogue 88 rolls the top a bit so if you combine that preamp with a dark sounding amp then it's no wonder that the sound is not very "open". Personally I would borrow another amp to try and see if that changes the sound to your liking... I don't think it's a matter of getting more "current". I think it's a matter of frequency balance, and you need to match your components better to find a more synergistic combination. Of course I could be wrong, but that is my best educated guess.
I have to agree with chuck and gregm. The dynaudios are great speakers, don't replace them. And you do need a high-current amp. Forget about tubes for these speakers, they will never have the impact and openness they are capable of.
Oops, I see that in my earlier comments I referred to the "Rogue 88" when I meant to say "Rogue 99".

If you'd like a recommendation for an amp that's very open sounding and has a lot of pop, the InnerSound ESL amp works great with dynamic speakers as well as ESLs. I'm using them on my B&Ws and the sound is excellent at all volume levels. The ESL amp seems to provide more transient snap than other decent amps I've used without being harsh and it has excellent high frequency reproduction.
Levinson 23.5 can be found used for a touch over 2K. I can't imagine ever needing much more. Bi-amping or bridging with another Odyssey is also a good idea that's very cost-effective. The Dynaudios are fantastic speakers that deserve to be "fed" before thinking about swapping them out. Even if you did, the Odyssey would probably be the (forgive me) weakest link in your system. That's not to say that it isn't an excellent amplifier. It's just not quite up to the same level as your associated equipment.

Musical Fidelity Nuvista M3, has plenty of power and is a great amp at any price. build quality and design are also superb!. And can be found New for around your price at Audioadvisor. ...Just a suggestion

Happy Listening
Hi Xmore:

If you like the Stratos...why don't you get the Stratos mono amps; you have a Stratos already? Remember the conversion of your current amp is free, so you only have to buy one !!!!

If you don't like the Stratos, then a used BAT, Sierra Whitney, or a used Rowland Model 1 or 5.

I had for years a set of Dynaudio Geminis, and I know that those Esotec tweeters are extended therefore, the Stratos monos should match nicely. The monos should provide the power you are looking for.
Good luck.