Amp suggestion for Spendor Sp1/2 speakers

Can someone recommend good amplifiers for this particular speakers.

Some that come to my mind:

a.) Jeff Rowland Model 112
b) Plinius SA 100
c.) Pass Aleph 3 or Pass x150

Perhaps others can share as well.
Despite not being highly efficient, these speakers have a gentle impedance curve and mate well with tube electronics. In my 10x16x9 listening room, I am very pleased with 30W/ch. amps (Atma-Sphere M60 MkII with half the power tubes removed).
You might want to look at past The Absolute Sound write ups on the SP 1/2 by RE Greene. He used them as his personal reference speakers right after his Quads and before his Harbeth Monitor 40s. (Dr. Greene always measures, and graphs, the response of the system he is reviewing.) I have read him comment on using the Bryston 4 BST and the Quad 606 amps during that time, I am pretty sure.

Good luck from another BBC fan.

Harbeth Charlie [:)]
Agree with Rupertdacat. All of the SP 1/2 owners I have corresponded with beleive tubes are the way to go.

On the other hand, I got suberb sound from the Spendors using the solid state Blue Circle BC22, and just ordered the Aloia ST 13.01 with inductive power supply. Aloia and Spendor have formed a relationship, and will be pairing thier products in upcomming hi-fi shows.

All three of the amps you mention should sound fine with the SP 1/2. I also considered each of these before going with the Aloia. There are used/demo examples of each currently listed here, at excellent prices. I even found a few Rowland Model 10's for only $500 more than the 112 that was posted. WELL worth the extra dough!

You didn't mention the preamp you intend on using. A good tube line stage would be my first choice, if going with a solid state amp. I use the Blue Circle BC3 Galatea.

The SP 1/2 is an exceptional speaker. It will work well with a wide varity of amps, and your choice will depend largely on your personal preferences. I almost forgot to mention the VAC PA 100/100. I had this on loan for a few weeks, and loved it, but ultimately the Aloia won out. Happy hunting...