Amp suggestion for Kharma Ceramique 2s??

I am looking to upgrade my amplifier. I have used low-powered SS amps (47 Labs Gaincard and Aloia 13.01i) with fantastic overall sound, but they didn't have enough power for my large family room (needed more bass and macro dynamics). If you have any experience with any Kharma speakers, please let me know which amps have worked well and which haven't. I listen mostly to intimate jazz (vocal), classical and occasional rock.

The order of importance for me is musicality, palpability, transparency and resolution, but I believe that you can't achieve the first three without resolution. As you can see in my system below, I am taking a minimalist approach to maximize resolution.

Anyhow, I'm open to Tube or SS as long as they have quite, black background. I prefer monoblocks (particularly interested in Claytons and Blue Circle BC8), but that is not a requirement. My budget is about $4000 used, and the amp(s) MUST have RCA inputs. If you can help, I'd truly appreciate it. Thanks.

My system consists of:

- RAM-modded SACD1000 with > 3v output (Awesome sounding!)
- DYI Silver Interconnects (the only interconnects!)
- EVS Nude Attenuators
- ???? POWER AMP(s)
- FMS Zero speaker cables
- Kharma Ceramique 2.0
- Audio Tekne power cables
- BDR cones and pucks, Soler Points, Aurios, etc.
I highly recommend the Thor Audio TPA-30 mono blocks. I use them to drive a pair of Kharma Cermique 1.0's.

Good luck
I have heard the Kharma's with the Manley Snapper Monoblocks and it is a great match. Give em a shot.
Hi: I am using the Thor Audio, TPA 30 watt tube monos with the Kharma 1.0 speakers can't imagine a better match. These Kharmas sing well with the Thors'. Unless you play music quite loud or have 600 sq.ft. room, I wouldn't think you'd need more power.
Aolrsw, Jtinn and Thorman, thanks for your responses. Aolrsw or Thorman, I've read somewhere that TPA 60 is much better than the 30. Any thoughts? The 60s are probably out of my reach (price-wise), but was just curious. Also, are you getting good enough speed and dynamics from the TPA 30s?

To provide a little bit of background info as to why I started looking for a new amp, when I visited Kyle at Reference Audio Mod, his system (Silver Rock pre and a 60W opamp-based SS amp driving 99dB Montra Sound speakers) with my modded SACD1000 was getting sound that had the you-are-sitting-in-an-orchestra-seat speed and dynamics that I simply could not replicate at home. Since I don't want to part with my Kharmas, I thought I'd look for an amp that has more power than my Aloia (rated at 30W but measured at 60+W).

I am curious if Thor's 30 watts would deliver the awesome dynamics that I am looking for... Maybe it is not even possible to get such sound from the Kharmas? I don't know, but I sure want to find out.
Henry, it might not be your amp. How old are your Kharmas? If they are more than a couple of years old, I suggest looking into a crossover upgrade. I had the crossovers in my 5-year-old Kharma 2's upgraded to "Enigma" by Bill and Anthony at GTT and I WAS COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY. A veil was lifted from in front of the speakers and I finally heard for real all the "potential" I had sensed in the speaker from day one. Look into it.
Txlef, could you tell me a little more about the upgrade? Did you have to ship your speakers to GTT? What did it cost? Did you upgrade the internal cable or tweeter as well to bring it to the Reference level? Could you provide more info about the change or the difference you heard after the mod? Thanks.
Do you guys experiance the same problems with bass, with at least Kharma 1, as Michael Fremer did during his review?
I am curious, if the bass problem persist (as in my speakers) what amp would be best to, if not eliminate the problem, but to minimize to some degree?
I have not yet upgraded the tweeters. I am waiting to see if Kharma comes out with something new next year. I am fortunate to live only about 45 minutes from GTT's location, and Bill was kind enough to pick up and drop off my speakers for me in his van. I would imagine shipping would cost a couple hundred dollars (too heavy for Brown). All internal wiring and the crossover itself was upgraded to Enigma, and a new bottom plate was installed.

As to the sonic changes, they are amazing. The speaker has greater transparancy, life, speed, rhythm. Bass is tighter. Midrange is smoother and the transition from bottom-end to mids is now essentially flawless to my ears(there used to be some sort of upper bass hump). But the most impressive change is in the upper register, where everything is cleaner, clearer. More extended without any "hi fi" etchiness. Soundstage is broader and deeper. There is an immediacy that was not present before and that rivals anything I have heard anywhere. As I said earlier, it's like a veil was lifted from in front of the speakers.

Call Bill at GTT; I'm sure he will be happy to discuss cost, logistics, etc.
Eldragon: There is NO problem with bass in the Kharmas. Fremer must be crazy or just really blew setting them up in his room. Everyone I know that has heard the speakers calls it the most accurate bass they have ever heard. The upcoming rooms will attest to this.
I have a large room ( almost 600 sq feet ) and am having no problem with bass ( though I am not a bass finatic ) with the Thor TPA 30 and Kharma 1.0. I like the balance I have now. There is a thread somewhere in Audiogon that mentioned a nice improvment upgrading to the Thor 60 watt monos.If I were buying my first Thor monos I would probably go for the TPA 60 ,if I could afford it.When I purchased my amp the TPA 60 was not yet available.I am very pleased with the d e Kharma 1.0 and the Thor TPA 30 combination.
You want minimalist? I'm running my Accuphase 75v directly into my Edge NL-10 (AU24), and over to the Sonus Faber EA IIs (Discovery Essential). The sound is detailed, liquid, and surprisingly satisfying in the bass, considering the 6" woofer and modest cabinet.
I do not miss preamp or tubes. In my case, "less is more."
If you you like the qualities of the Aloia 1301 then you should check the Aloia 1501. It is double the power with great bass and dynamics without losing the Aloia smoothness. The price is a steal compared the other high end amps. Drives the Piega c-10 ltd with ease in a very large room
would anybody consider using the 2s or possibly the 3s with an integrate like the bat 300? any experience with bat/kharma in general? i am looking into simplfying, and i'm interested in your thoughts. thanks, mjc
Just got the combo BAT VK75SE and Kharma 1.0 .. awaiting for stands for the Kharma 1.0 ..

all in all.. looks promising !